A Few Interesting Tidbits

From the AJC Political Insider and it’s all about Ralph. First, from the Democrat perspective.

In their crystal ball, Democrats see the well-funded Ralph Reed, a three-star general in the nation’s culture wars, besting banker-businessman Casey Cagle in next year’s Republican primary.

They also assume that Reed will still be dogged by the lobbying scandal in Washington, and will require a distraction. Reed’s platform is likely to emphasize tax reform — a weighty issue, but one that doesn’t provide the red meat to drive the base.

Those who doubt Republican eagerness to revive gay marriage as a factor in the campaign, Democrats say, need look no further than the Republican race for secretary of state. Karen Handel, the Fulton County Commission chairman, had no sooner entered the contest than GOP rival Bill Stephens accused her of kind words toward gays and their agenda.

What form next year’s culture war will take, Democrats aren’t sure. Possibly the issue of gay adoption.

To meet Reed squarely, Democrats are looking for someone who’ll have the confidence of the national sources of money that Reed is likely to inflame, and who is untainted by the gay marriage issue.

Next up is this very interesting point: The President, in a contested South Carolina primary for Lt. Gov. has made an endorsement. The endorsement went to Mike Campbell, the son of the former governor. The Campbell family is credited with helping both Presidents Bush win South Carolina.


  1. ThePollster says:

    Ralph’s people have been saying for months that Air Force One would be swooping into Georgia witha Presidential pre-primary endorsement of Ralph.

    But when the President actually came here, he never even mentioned Ralph’s name – and the Secret Service kept Ralph 100 yards away at all time.

    Now the President is making a pre-primary endorsement in the South Carolina Lt. Governor’s race. What does that tell us?

  2. Decaturguy says:

    I think the most efficient way for the GOP to drive moderate voters and suburban women voters right into the hands of Cathy Cox is to do more gay bashing in 2006. It will also ensure the defeat of many vulnerable metro Atlanta area Republican representatives.

  3. Tater Tate says:

    I’ve talked to some RR people. Don’t dismiss his DC support just yet. Surely you don’t think a forum on Social Security was an appropriate place for an endorsement! There is plenty of time, and a more appropriate time for RR to use his plum endorsements. There are lots of surprises to come that will be positive for that campaign.

    By the way, I assume CC will have some surprise endorsements of his own at an appropriate time.

    And when has the GOP done any gay bashing? Supporting traditional marriage is not bashing gays. A 76% vote suggests most Georgians are not moderate on this issue.

  4. Bull Moose says:

    Okay — there is a big difference in Carrol Campbell’s help of the Bush family and Ralph Reed’s help of George W. Bush.

    Governor Campbell was a friend and fellow elected official and there is a level of eye to eye respect there.

    Ralph Reed is a political operative and an opportunist. I don’t think that President Bush is going to weigh in on this one, especially since there are federal criminal investigations going on in regards to the casino situation that Ralph Reed was involved in with his pal, the criminally indicted Jack Abramoff.

    The recent indicment of Abramoff on a seperate issue will likely cause him to start cooperating with prosecutors in regards to the casino situation…

  5. Decaturguy says:

    I didn’t mean to suggest that all people who oppose gay marriage are gay bashers. That is not true. What I believe is that while 76% of the voters in Georgia took a vocabulary test and decided to define marriage as between one man and one woman, it does not give license for politicians in this state to go further and continue to pass legislation negatively impacting gay people and their families. I believe that those that do will be punished by the voters.

    Remember, while 76% voted against gay marriage, a poll just before the election showed that over half of all Georgians supported the concept of civil unions or something similar for gay people. That should give some caution to the anti-gay crowd who want to take things further.

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