More on Cathy’s endorsements

Below is a list of the House Democrats who, earlier this week, endorsed Secretary of State Cathy Cox in her 2006 gubernatorial campaign:

Rep. Roberta Abdul-Salaam (District 74, Clayton, Fayette)
Rep. Alberta J. Anderson (District 123, Burke, Richmond)
Rep. Kathy Ashe (District 56, Fulton)
Rep. Mike Barnes (District 78, Clayton, Henry)
Rep. Sharon Beasley-Teague (District 65, Fulton)
Rep. Stephanie Stuckey Benfield (District 85, Dekalb)
Rep. Tom Bordeaux (District 162, Chatham)
Rep. Debbie Buckner (District 130, Harris, Muscogee, Talbot)
Rep. Gail Buckner (District 76, Clayton)
Rep. Mike Cheokas (District 134, Marion, Schley, Sumter, Talbot)
Rep. Terry Coleman (District 144, Ben Hill, Bleckley, Dodge, Pulaski, Wilcox)
Rep. Bill Cummings (District 16, Floyd, Polk)
Rep. Douglas Dean (District 59, Fulton)
Rep. Ron Dodson (Independent) (District 75, Clayton)
Rep. Karla Drenner (District 86, Dekalb)
Rep. Carl Von Epps (District 128, Meriwether, Troup)
Rep. Hugh Floyd (District 99, Gwinnett)
Rep. Virgil Fludd (District 66, Fayette, Fulton)
Rep. Pat Gardner (District 57, Dekalb, Fulton)
Rep. Joe Heckstall (District 62, Clayton, Fulton)
Rep. Keith Heard (District 114, Clarke)
Rep. Michele Henson (District 87, Dekalb)
Rep. Bob Holmes (District 61, Fulton)
Rep. Henry Howard (District 121, Richmond)
Rep. Sistie Hudson (District 124, Hancock, Glascock, McDuffie, Putnam, Taliaferro, Warren)
Rep. Carolyn F Hugley (District 133, Muscogee)
Rep. Mike Jacobs (District 80, Dekalb)
Rep. Lynmore James (District 135, Dooly, Macon, Peach, Talbot, Taylor)
Rep. Jeanette Jamieson (District 28, Banks, Stephens, Franklin)
Rep. Charles Jenkins (District 8, Rabun, Towns, Union, White)
Rep. Darryl Jordan (District 77, Clayton, Fayette)
Rep. Jimmy Lord (District 142, Burke, Emanuel, Jefferson, Johnson, Washington) Rep. David Lucas (District 139, Bibb)
Rep. Randal Mangham (District 94, Dekalb, Rockdale)
Rep. Pedro Marin (District 96, Gwinnett)
Rep. Jo Ann McClinton (District 84, Dekalb)
Rep. Billy Mitchell (District 88, Dekalb, Gwinnett)
Rep. Alisha Thomas Morgan (District 39, Cobb)
Rep. Howard Mosby (District 90, Dekalb, Henry)
Rep. Quincy Murphy (District 120, Richmond)
Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (District 83, Dekalb)
Rep. Nan Orrock (District 58, Dekalb, Fulton)
Rep. Bobby Parham (District 141, Baldwin, Putnam)
Rep. Alan Powell (District 29, Franklin, Hart, Madison)
Rep. Nikki Randall (District 138, Bibb)
Rep. Ron Sailor, Jr. (District 93, Dekalb, Rockdale)
Rep. Jay Shaw (District 176, Berrien, Clinch, Lanier, Lowndes)
Rep. Paul Smith (District 13, Floyd)
Rep. Brian W. Thomas (District 100, Gwinnett)
Rep. Pete Warren (District 122, Richmond)
Rep. Stan Watson (District 91, Dekalb, Henry)
Rep. “Coach� Earnest Williams (District 89, Dekalb)

Two interesting notes to make as a result of seeing the list:

First, it’s interesting that Former Democratic Chairman of House Appropriations and Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives Terry Coleman has endorsed Cathy Cox. What a slap in the face of his former co – leader Mark Taylor.

Secondly, by my count, and I could have miscalculated, but 18 of those 51 names are black, 2 are Hispanic, and 1 is Muslim by “classification.” Some of the names from the black caucus inlcude Rep. David Lucas, Rep. Stan Watson, Rep. Bob Holmes, and Rep. Randal Mangham, seasoned veterans from the house, and, under prior leadership, carried significant weight.

I think this speaks volumes to those who theorize that Mark Taylor is much more formidable because he “will get the black vote.”

Will he?

One other note: Shirley Franklin has yet to voice support in either direction.


  1. Tater Tate says:

    I would say the “big guy” is in a world of hurt. People say that RR’s ship is sinking with people jumping off, but here is a real example of that happening.

    Unfortunately that means our “big guy” may also have more trouble next year.

    I’m still pulling for a Mark Taylor miracle and a bloody Democrat primary. I hope Mark’s daddy gets out the check book in a hurry!

  2. Decaturguy says:

    I never bought the theory that Taylor would carry the black vote. He won’t. Why would he? The assumption is that Cox will carry the women vote, more black voters are women than men, just as there are more women voters than men voters in the Democratic primary.

    In Cox’s poll she dominated each and every category – urban, rural, black, white.

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