Any day now the Erickson household will be welcoming Erickson:The Next Generation into the world. Hopefully the first of many. For the record, I really wanted Thor as the name, but given that we’ll have a girl, we’re going with Evelyn.

If the site gets stale on content, that’s why. I’m depending on Decaturguy, Silence, Bull, and Clayton (whither Clayton) to keep us going. We just might get some of the legislators back if y’all don’t throw too many eggs their way for refusing to reveal their identities.


  1. GAWire says:

    Congrats on bringing in the new EE!

    . . . may she never get involved in politics, for her own sanity and well-being!

  2. Tommy_a2b says:

    Congrats too.

    I personally do not care about ID as long as people respect each other and use some form of logic (I hope I am not stepping on anyone’s toes who uses more feeling than logical thought in their arguments.) I am by the way really Tommy.

  3. Hammertime says:

    Tommy, the Pinball Wizard, or Tommie, the Senate Majority Leader? Go have a kid and leave the babble to us.

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