Open Gov’t, Zell Miller, and Falwell’s anti-Semitism

With this article, the AJC validified many rumors of late that House Republicans were going to be making steps towards more open, honest government. For years, the process had been veiled and hidden by Democratic rule wishing to keep the public from seeing the way their state government was run. Now, driven by strategically solid public policy, the General Assembly of the state of Georgia invites the voters of Georgia to tune in, and keep their government leaders accountable.

“Georgia House leaders are expected today to unveil plans to broadcast their committee meetings live on the Internet next year.

Georgians can already watch the full House and Senate when they are in session, but this marks the first time the public will be able to tune in and observe the legislative process at the committee level. Speaker Glenn Richardson (R-Hiram) will discuss the House’s plans in a 2:30 p.m. news conference broadcast live from the House chamber at

The House has 35 committees that review everything from the state budget and MARTA operations to legislation on child welfare and road-building. The Senate is working on a similar plan to broadcast committee meetings.”

Sen. Zell Miller is getting a presidential appointment.

“But it won’t be one of the lofty administration positions for which the Georgia Democrat was touted after endorsing President Bush’s re-election over his own party’s candidate last year.
Bush announced Tuesday that he will appoint Miller to the American Battle Monuments Commission. The group oversees American military burial grounds and monuments in foreign countries and is responsible for commemorating American troops who fought in World War I and subsequent wars.

Miller, an ex-Marine and history professor, said he was happy with the post.

“This is one appointment that I specifically and personally asked for,” he said.

Miller said that as a teacher and student of history, he admired those Americans who fought for their country, “and I want to do what I can to be sure we remember them.”

The 11-member commission, founded by Congress in 1923 at the request of Gen. John J. Pershing, who led the American Expeditionary Force in World War I, is chaired by retired Army Gen. Frederick M. Franks Jr. According to its Web site, board members are unpaid.” (AJC)

Rev. Jerry Falwell has been called on by the Anti-Defamation League, a group organized in 1913 to fight anti-Semitism, to retract a “vote Christian in 2008” statement made months ago in a letter raising money for his ministries.

Falwell, founder of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., and Moral Majority, included with his mass fundraising letter for Falwell Ministries a sticker that reads, “I Vote Christian.”

Abraham Foxman, the Anti-Defamation League’s national director, said Falwell’s statements are “directly at odds with the American ideal and should be rejected.”

“What I was saying was for conservative Christian voters to vote their values, which are pro-life and pro-family,” Falwell said. “I had no intention of being anti-Jewish at all.”

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  1. BillyTheKid says:

    It’s about time the government of our state became more open, and accessible to her voters.

    In other news, I heard a rumor a couple of days ago, albeit a few people removed from the source, that the former Georgia State Senator from the 17th district was thinking of jumping into “a” race this cycle. I also heard from someone that former US Congressional candidate Calder Clay was heard on the radio, and mentioned he might be running for something again.

    Any thoughts?

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