1. Rebel says:

    I think so too. However, I’m not sure I want them. We have the majority. There were good candidates against these guys that are REAL republicans. RINO’s don’t help the party – they weaken it. I don’t want to be part of democrat lite!

  2. GAWire says:

    I agree with Rebel to the extent that RINOs can be more trouble than their votes are sometimes worth.

    It is always best to pull them over to our side of the aisle and if we have a good leader (i.e. Majority Leader, Whip, Speaker or whatever the appropriate position is in that particular body) then they should be able to make sure those goes stick with the Party and vote accordingly. Sometimes, though, they switch over just for the attention and cause trouble within the Party in doing so. It is guys like McCain and Arlen Specter that make you want to just kick them out of the Party – hopefully Morris and any others that come over won’t be like that. It is up to the constituents to hold them to it, though.

    Still, we have to keep in mind that votes are votes, and retaining the majority is never guarranteed.

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