Cathy Cox Gets Huge Boost

Got an email I’m sure many of you also got. Cathy Cox is announcing that nearly 2/3 of the House Democrat Caucus is endorsing her. I don’t have the names yet, though. This is a big thing for her. What I don’t know is have the Senate Dems come out for Taylor already?

This morning, nearly 2/3 of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus announced that they are endorsing our campaign.

This is the largest single endorsement yet in the 2006 gubernatorial campaign. These 51 Democrats in the Georgia House of Representatives (plus one independent state Representative) provide further momentum for Cathy Cox, who is herself a former rural legislator.

This broad and diverse group of Representatives runs the gamut from freshman legislators to long-time House members. They also hail from every region of Georgia.

As Cox herself said this morning: “our campaign is about making government work for all the people of Georgia, and I am honored to have so many legislative leaders embracing our call.”

51 is nearly two-thirds? My, how the mighty have fallen.


  1. Hissy Fit says:

    I don’t see this as a big thing. She came from the House and the House Dems aren’t real high on the Big Guy.

    What would be most interesting is to see what Senate Dems are supporting her.

  2. Rebel says:

    Wanna play dectective? Out of the 19 dems that voted for Glenn as Speaker, 11 were NOT on Cathy’s endorsement list…including the two (Mickey Channell & Richard Royal) who donated to the Speaker. Ergo those 11 are possible switchers, but the obvious assumption is those who have clearly chosen sides (against Sonny) can’t come over. Those include: Mike Barnes, Douglas Dean, Ron Dodson, Jimmy Lord, Bobby Parham, Alan Powell, Jay Shaw, & Paul Smith.

  3. Decaturguy says:

    Although 51 being 2/3rds of the Democratic caucus is depressing, I do think that this is an impressive collection of endorsements for Cox. The list really transcends all elements of the party. Urban, rural, white, black, liberal, conservative.

    I’ll do the process of elimination to see what Dems did not endorse her, but as far as the Dems who voted for Richardson, I believe they only did so to score political points and help keep certain committee assignments, not that they are going to switch to the Republican Party. Doug Dean? Come on … that would be political suicide.

  4. Erick says:

    Decaturguy, I completely agree with you and didn’t mean to poo-poo on it. It’s tremendous news for Cox that she has rallied in her old stomping ground so quickly and Taylor has yet to announce a massive slate of Senate endorsements.

  5. Randy says:

    Taylor probably hasn’t because he can’t. Let’s face it, regular people never pay attention to endorsements like these. They’re for political geeks and insiders like us. So there’s no reason to wait. Taylor is floundering; if he had a passle of endorsements he could roll out, he’d do it.

    In the last three months, we’ve gone from hearing Taylor (and the conventional wisdom) say that he’s the candidate who could raise more money and the candidate who’s strongest among African-American leadership. And now look where we are. She raised more money than he did, and has rolled out more endorsements from African-American leaders, which makes sense in light of her lead in the polls.

    Remind me again what Taylor’s appeal is? What’s the rationale for his candidacy other than “it’s my turn?”

  6. Warrior says:

    So what? More liberals are endorsing Cox than Taylor. It kinda makes my point that she’s not automatically the next Governor. Their primary is going to get very. very interesting.

  7. GAWire says:

    >>”””This morning, nearly 2/3 of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus announced that they are endorsing our campaign.”””

    Someone needs to let her staff know that that opening statement might be the most rediculous thing to write in a letter to a political mailing list. Perhaps we should all go in and help pay for a couple of political writing classes for her staff.

    I don’t have any meaningful comments on the actual content of the letter b/c I honestly could not get past the semantics of the first line.

    You can tell a lot in a campaign by the messages they send . . .

  8. Decaturguy says:

    It is absolutely correct that if Taylor had the endorsements in the Senate he’d release the list. I figure that he’s asked, but most in the Senate have told him that they wanted to stay out of it at this point, but agreed that they wouldn’t endorse Cox either, given Taylor’s status as the leader of the Senate Democrats. The only Senators I’ve heard of out there campaigning for Taylor are Ed Harbison and Robert Brown.

    These lists wont translate to any votes at this point, but Cox is trying to put the race away with the big money contributors and the media. Look at the list of African American members of the House that endorsed her. She’s got the lead and she’s pulling away … even this early.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    GAWire, use of the “nearly 2/3” sounds like a big number if you’re a Dem voter and you are not truly familiar with what the Dem caucus is composed of. And, most voters do not know how many there are.

  10. GAWire says:

    True. So, they are making their supportive numbers SOUND bigger than they actually are. Hey, that’s a part of the game. You are right in that 2/3 can be very small, if you are talking about a small number in the first place, but, of course, I am no mathematician.

    Still, “nearly” is a very relative word, and any informed person reading a mail piece, email, article, etc should be able to realize the ambiguity and insignificance (not to mention far-fetched tactics) of that opening line.

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