Nichols A Possible Challenger

Meg Nichols, a Monroe County doctor who lost to Cecil Staton for the State Senate last year in the Republican primary, is rumored to be considering a challenge to Robert Ray in House District 136. Ray, a Democrat, won re-election in an overwhelmingly Republican district and was rumored to not be running again.

Sources tell Peach Pundit that Robert Ray will run for re-election again in 2006. Though the district is heavily Republican, Ray is extremely popular and would be the favorite for 2006. Sources also tell us that should Ray decline to run, several Bibb, Houston, and Crawford county leaders are encouraging Republican Jay Walker of Houston County to run for the seat.


  1. Melb says:

    Is that the same Jay Walker who is Richardson’s chief of staff? Also it shouldn’t matter to any republican if Ray runs or not, he votes straight party line with republicans anyhow. He will probably stay in the race until the qualifying deadline to really hurt the Democrats by not being able to find a candidate on such short notice. That may explain both the rumors.

  2. housecreek says:

    Richardson’s chief of staff is from Wilcox County, not Houston. He is of no relation to Jay Walker from Houston.

  3. Tater Tate says:

    By the way, I met this woman at the Fish Fry. I doubt Mr. Ray has much to worry about. She sure is a talker. Talked about belonging to the NAACP in Macon as a way of getting black votes. Good luck.

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