“It’s a done deal.”

Had an interesting conversation today with a GOP friend of mine who heard the rumor I had reported on a while back, but with more substantive details. Thereafter, I called a high ranking Democrat friend of mine who says he believe it to be true, based on private conversations he has had. “It’s a done deal,” the Democrat told me. “Mark Taylor will not run for Governor. The most likely scenario is that we clear the field for Lt. Governor and keep him there, but there are those who are still talking about it. Everybodies’ internals are showing that Cathy is the stronger candidate.”

From what the GOP friend said, the folks he is talking to reported, I think accurately, that Democrats do not, unlike Republicans, eat their own. As a result, an accomodation will be made for Taylor and Cox will take on Perdue.

Interesting, my Democrat friend adds this tidbit: ‘We know we’re not taking back the Senate.”


  1. Bill Simon says:

    I ain’t buying this rumor, Erick, and I don’t care if your “high-ranking Democrat” is Bobby Kahn himself.

    Mark Taylor’s ego and sense of self-worth is way too high for him to drop-out.

  2. Tater Tate says:

    My souces also say this is never gonna happen. Taylor will never give up that easy. This is his life ambition, daddy’s ambition, and Taylor knows how to play hard ball. Don’t write him out yet!

  3. Erick says:

    Friends, I’m just passing on gossip, but I treat as credible the Democrat who said this. That said, I don’t see how you get Taylor out of his dream race without offering him something sweet and Lite Gov is not it.

  4. landman says:

    This sounds like wishful thinking on the part of your high level dem friend.I dont see Taylor taking a step backwards at this point in the game.Im with Rebel why would he want another term as LG without a majority?As far as the Dems not eating their own they would have been better served if they had in a couple of instances,the names Walker and McKinney are ringing in my ears for some reason!!!!! If the Dems are considering this its a sign of a weakened party who do not think they can handle a primary and win a general with whoever wins. Pass along to your friend that the Republicans dont eat their own either but it is a process of survival of the fittest,as it should be.

  5. Warrior says:

    Taylor gave up $1m from Lt. Gov account. Getting back in will cost Dems a lot (and they don’t have it). Maybe a future appointment by Gov. Cox to vacant U.S. Senate seat or Supreme Court?

  6. prophet says:

    Someone might mention to them both that any candidate of the African American persuasion could easily sink either’s boat. I give you the Georgia Senate race of 2004 as adequate proof of such an event. The dirty little secret in the Dem’s path is that any African American seeking statewide office will beat handily any Caucasian in their primary!
    A legacy given by the changing demographics of the sate as a whole and the fact that to satisfy the ever growing black majority with in the Democrat party they (Murphy, Barnes and their ilk) gave away the store to keep their power. The ramifications of the Flag issue by Barnes all but left the hard core South Georgia and rural yellow dogs no choice but to abandon the party to the hard core Black Left.

  7. polysci1 says:

    Here is an interesting thought, Taylor will step down and Cathy run this cycle. The Dems can not afford to splinter their party any more and they know it. When if she loses to Sunny, Taylor will run unopposed 4 years later with her whole hearted support. The chances of Cox beating an incumbant Governor are slim to none in politics, especially since Sunny has plenty of money and he hasn’t done anything to really piss off the voters of his base or the swingers. Now I will say that he had better get his campaign staff in gear and on direction and I mean PDQ. I’m with Erick on this one. Politics is like chess, it is a game of looking ahead to the future, patiance, and persistance and old pols like Taylor know this well.

  8. Rebel says:

    Polysci1 – get out of the ivory tower of school and go talk to the base. There is much unrest concerning the governor. I’m for him, but I’m not willing to act like the “emperor is clothed” when the activist base is unhappy for numerous reasons. You’re right that they better get the campaign in gear PDQ!

  9. landman says:

    Polysci1,Idont know what Governor you speak of when you say he has done nothing to upset his base or swing voters but it isnt the one who hails from Bonaire when he is not in Atlanta.The way I see it SONNY benefitted from three swing vote groups,they were the Flaggers,teachers,and those who would have voted for anyone but King Roy.He will not have the two former groups this go round,and since Roy is not running, where does that leave the swing vote? The base will be what will carry him over if he is to win and there definitely is some work to be done there as well.I hope he is able to pull it off and will support him,but its time he got his team in the game.Taylor will not wait or should I say PaPa Taylor will not wait for four more years,Who knows what the political landscape will be then.My money says Taylor will not be getting out this race.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Prophet: I don’t agree with you. Majette beat Cliff Oxford in 2004, not due to the color of her skin, but due to her political experience and name recognition from her 2002 bout with Cynthia McKinney.

    Put Majette, or any black candidate in this 2006 primary, and I’ll bet they come in dead last.

  11. Erick says:

    I agree with Bill Simon. The Georgia Democrats do an interesting little race relations dance balancing between urban Dems, rural Dems, white Dems, and black Dems. A black candidate most likely won’t be “accepted” by the party in the race and were a black candidate to enter, no doubt a deal would be struck by either Cathy Cox or Mark Taylor extending some great privilege to “black leaders” for their support against the black Dem running.

  12. Melb says:

    interesting little race relations dance — A.K.A. compromise, Mark Taylor is not dropping out, and I try to believe that Georgia elected Isakson over Majette because of his leadership not the color of her skin. If that is not true then that is sad.

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Gee, Chris, could that possibly be because there are more whites than blacks who live in Georgia? Gee, could it be that the reason blacks are called a “minority” is because their population percentage is a “minority” percentage of the total population?

  14. Rebel says:

    Actually Chris, I believe 47% to 53% of the dem primary vote is black. That’s the figures I’ve heard but I have no proof that they are correct.

  15. The highest it has ever been in a statewide Democratic primary is 47%. Of course there are many districts, counties and other jurisdictions that have a majority black Democratic primary (and also many that still have an overwhelmingly white primary). But on a statewide level it hasn’t yet been over 50% black.

    Interestingly, about 100,000 Georgians picked a Democratic ballot last July but didn’t vote in the Senate race. You may remember that the GOP crowed about being the “majority party” because their Senate candidates had more total votes than the Democrat’s candidates, but in local races more Georgians (about 100K) still vote in the Democratic primary. You could probably make the argument that a lot of these 100K voters were rural whites who didn’t like any of the candidates in the Senate primary so they skipped the race to vote for county commissioner and sheriff and other such races. It will be interesting to see how they vote next year, surely they won’t skip the governor’s primary.

  16. prophet says:

    Again I ain’t for sure as to where all this voting info is a coming from! All I can tell you is that the Dem’s base is the urban areas of the state. These are the Dekalb, Fulton, Henry and Clayton counties of Metro Atlanta. The Bibb, Richmond, Dougherty, Chatham and the Peoples Republic of Athens-Clarke County. Of these only the Peoples Republic has any significant White population.
    As far as Bill’s assertion of the name recognition of Ms. Majette, what planet you been livin on???? She did not, repeat not have any recognition any where beyond the Atlanta area anywhere in the state of Georgia that I would ever perceive. Asking your average Dem primary voter outside the Metro area who she was or if the voter even heard of her would be a joke. Again this is an open primary filled with many candidates and she was the only black candidate in it if I remember correctly. And she got a runoff and who turned out to vote in large numbers then???
    No, I am not a closet racist, (I would have much preferred Herman Cain to Johnny Issacson) but the White majority of the Republican Party chose a Moderate over a true Conservative and I believe it was due to skin color and not political convictions.
    Again in a crowded field or one on one I say the Black candidate wins.

  17. That voting data is from the Secretary of State’s credit for voting report, which you can then link up with a SoS statewide voterfile and run results. The AJC does it as well as political parties and candidates.

    You may find it hard to believe that white people vote in the Democratic primary in this state, but consider a county like Glascock. According to the US Census, the county is 91% white and 9% black. However, there were only 110 votes for Republicans in the US Senate primary in 2004 but a total of 495 votes for Democrats.

    Echols County is another good example, Republicans pulled a total of 29 votes, while Democrats got nearly 10 times that many (272). And yet Echols county is only 7% black.

    Majette benefited heavily from nearly 100,000 Democratic primary voters skipping the US Senate race. As I said in an earlier post, these 100,000 voters almost certainly will not skip the governor’s race. Additionally, all of the (formerly) yellow dog Democrats who jumped over to the Republican primary in 2002 to vote for Sonny (who they perceived to be the best candidate to beat Barnes) and in 2004 to vote for Isakson will probably be back in 2006 to decide the Democratic primary, now that they finally have a Democratic contest (non-existant in 2002 and non-interesting to them in 2004) to decide.

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