The Fallacy of the Anti-Voter ID Prognosticators

Those who are crusading against the voter ID law keep asking those of us who support the law for examples of fraud.

Well, here’s the deal. They know we, for the most part cannot show evidence of voter fraud at the polls, beyond producing examples of voters who show up at polls only to find that their name has already been checked off as having voted, or finding examples of dead people who apparently voted.

Here is why the law is needed and also why evidence of voter fraud at the polls is hard to find. Bill Simon, no offense, but since you are one of the few posters on here who uses your actual name, I’m going to use you as the example.

Under the old law:
If I go up to Atlanta and pull Bill’s utility bill of his mailbox, I can take it to Bill’s polling location, say I am Bill, provide Bill’s Georgia Power bill as evidence, and vote. Once I vote, my vote cannot be pulled back out of the pool of votes. But, Bill can then show up and, finding that he has already voted, will probably not be allowed to vote, or will have to go through lots of hurtles to vote.

Under the new law:
I go with Bill’s utility bill to vote and they turn me away. I have to go through the trouble of getting a student or government issued photo id showing that I’m Bill Simon. For your average vote fraud participant, that’s too much trouble.

Incidentally, those who criticise the law (usually Democrats who are use to accusing Republicans of stealing the vote) make a big to do about the elderly and minorities. It’s great that they show so much compassion and I certainly hope the state will take extra efforts to make it easy and convenient to get driver’s licenses and photo ids. But, I find it somewhat silly that instead of saying we should do all we can protect the right to vote and ensure those who would defraud it are stopped, they complain about us ignoring other issues and pooh-pooh the idea that if you need a photo id to get into a lot of buildings, you still shouldn’t have to have one to elect our government.

Lastly, I do a lot of work with poll workers. Not to say there aren’t any, but I have yet to meet one who is not a fan of this legislation.


  1. That is the lamest example of fraud I have ever heard, and this site is still yet to produce a non anecdotal piece of evidence that a type of fraud is being committed that will be solved by the ID bill.

    Let’s pretend that I’m going to steal an election for a second. The old way to do it, according to you, was to go around stealing utility bills one by one and then (according to Tate) rounding up a homeless wino army to send in, equipped with utility bills, to vote for Democratic candidates in exchange for a pint of beer. Working in a single precinct, how many votes REALISTICALLY do you think I steal? 50?

    The manpower necessary to achieve this is phenomenal, it makes more sense to spend that time and energy rounding up legitimate voters who don’t have a good way to get to the polls, drop them off, let them vote, and take them home.

    Now, since you are so concerned about fraud, let me tell you the new one to defraud the system, thanks to your voter ID bill. Absentee ballot restrictions have been massively loosened. What I’m going to do is pull the voter file for a precinct, and get a list of voters in a precinct or neighborhood who are registered but haven’t voted in the last 2 elections. Then, I’m going to request absentee ballots for them and have some workers harvest their mailboxes over the next 10 days to retrieve the absentee ballots that are mailed to them. At that point, I’m going to fill out the ballots the way I want and send them in. And guess what — no one can ever prove that I was involved, because nothing was ever sent to my house and I did everything by mail.

    I’m so glad we shut the door on some anecdotal fraud that requires massive coordination with a bunch of homeless people so that we could open the door for something any semi-sophisticated operative could pull off in his same time. Thanks for saving the franchise.

  2. Rebel says:

    Gee…sounds like you’ve seen that one done a few times. What will the dems think of next ;0

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