The Death of Bibb County Averted

Using common sense instead of populist rhetoric, Chairman Charlie Bishop, and Commissioners Sam Hart and Elmo Richardson spared Bibb County from Joe Allen’s kiss of death.

Bibb County commissioners shot down a contract with a labor union Tuesday, but said repeatedly that county employees still have the right to organize.

Saying he didn’t think elected officials should contract with a union, Bibb County Commission Chairman Charles Bishop joined Vice Chairman Sam Hart and Commissioner Elmo Richardson in voting against an agreement with Service Employees International Union, Local 1985.

Commissioners Joe Allen and Bert Bivins disagreed, but in the end commissioners all agreed that – formal contract or not – county employees may join the SEIU on their own. Likewise, local SEIU President Ralph Williams told commissioners that the union’s goal was “not about entering into a signed agreement with the county” but about having access to employees who want to organize without fear of reprisal.

Why Joe Allen wants to whore to the union and bring about the utter stagnation of Bibb County is beyond me. Government employees don’t need a union when they can vote their employers out of office. It’s just silly.

Of course Joe Allen did give the union the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the county employees. But, of course, the county does not have to deal with the union and can feel free to ignore it.

If you get contacted by the union, please email me and let me know.


  1. That’s such a ridiculous argument and you should know better — that government employees don’t need a union when they can vote their employers out of office.

    My guess is that maybe 5% of Bibb County’s eligible voters work for the county government. How is that 5% supposed to vote out their bosses when the other 95% of the county (probably closer to 99%) isn’t in the same situation as them? Are you proposing that in addition to considering race line drawers consider government employment and attempt to create a district heavily composed of government workers so that they can elect members of a county or state legislature in order that they be represented proportionally in said body?

    That is like saying that if a WalMart employee doesn’t like their job conditions they can get a new boss if they only stop shopping at their store.

    There are plenty of other arguments you can make against unions, and certainly public sector unions have numerous special considerations concerning them, but if the county workers could vote out their elected bosses simply because they don’t like them, I’m pretty sure it would have already happened by now.

  2. albert says:

    What’s the point of the Union, other than to drain employees of their dues. We’ve come a long way baby. This isn’t the 19th or 20th Century. I’m not saying that labor unions are bad either, they performed a useful service. But their dominance should be minimized. If the AFL-CIO were forward thinkers they would be heading to Mexico and some of the third world countries where the manufacturing jobs have gone and organize there. But, that would be to easy.

    There isn’t one benefit that organized labor is going to provide for County employees that they don’t already. The populace is for to intelligent and the competition for labor far to great than to allow a greedy employer to scam from its workforce. I am referring solely to government workers.

  3. Rebel says:

    Part of the decline of the dems is the decline of unions. Unions are dying a slow death. I just wish it were faster!

  4. albert says:

    “””””Why Joe Allen wants to whore to the union and bring about the utter stagnation of Bibb County is beyond me””””

    That’s the Joe you know. Too bad he didn’t stay in Hawaii…. Heard he rented a car, skipped some meetings that were paid for and had a good time on the County’s dime. Of course, no one really cares about that.

  5. seth says:

    I know what Joe Allen did, He voted to allow the Unions to talk to the employees of the County, He knew that the Employess would not want that amount of money coming out of there check, But if he and the others had said no you cant talk to the Employess, what do you think would have happen, then the employee would have said maybe something to this Union thing, And you think he is dumb, I think you need to understand the working people. He does, Have you heard any more about the Union, I think they left town, not enough to join. So who is dumb now,

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