Thanks for the Welcome

I asked Eric if I could come on, on occasion, and fill the Democrat void. I’ll chime in every once in a while with some perspective, coming mostly from the House side of the General Assembly.

First, here is this: Our side of the aisle is a bit nervous that Cathy Cox and Mark Taylor will be beating up each other, despite assurances that this will not happen. A number of my colleagues have commented privately already that they were extremely impressed with Cathy’s numbers and were surprised by how bad Mark’s numbers were. Now, of course, Mark’s numbers were really good, but when compared to how strong of a showing Cathy made, Mark’s numbers look bad in comparison.

At this early stage, while you all are fighting it out very publically over Casey Cagle and Ralph Reed, look for us to show you how to discreeetly squabble while things shake out.


  1. GAWire says:

    You are about as much of a legislator as I am . . . which of course is not very much.

    You must be the 181st member of the Assembly . . .

    On one hand, if that is the analysis of a Democratic Rep, then I am all the sudden feeling very comfortable about Republicans retaining control.

    However, if you are legit, why in the world are you doing this ananymously? That goes against any and all logic. Moreover, stop wasting time on this blog and start doing something for your constituents (I don’t care if session is in or not). Still, I remain happy that you will not be in place long.

    Finally, a note to the publishers . . . stop trying to throw curveballs in order to make the site interesting. Also, it’s your blog, but asking people to make nicey-nice is just funny to me. Politics requires strong wit and thick skin. Bring those requests and antics to DC and get laughed out of town.

    BTW, to everyone else: If you do not see any more comments from GAWire, it is b/c I have offended Mr. E and subsequently been blocked from participating.

  2. Erick says:

    I warned the Dems that they’d get more flack, but play nice.

    We have several elected officials who would like to post anonymously. I have no objection to that.

    And, this was the first post of a legislator, a category of people who use language delicately.

    Lastly, no, you won’t get banned for that. 😉

  3. GAWire says:

    Ok ok, I guess that was my high-and-inside pitch for the first time he/she stepped up to the plate.

  4. Melb says:

    If that is a legislator, you would think they would have a more insider point of view, not just common knowledge among all Democrats. I believe that the high profileness/interest surrounding the Mark Taylor and Cathy Cox primary is going to put out great name recognition and surpass any damage they may try to do to one another. Same as in the Lt. Gov. race with the Republicans.

  5. GAWire says:

    Indeed, but I am not claiming to be a legislator, though, am I?

    I don’t care if he/she is writing anonymously, b/c clearly I am doing the same and they can do whatever they want. However, writing as a “legislator” and attempting to remain anonymous is a totally different thing.

    If our leaders and elected officials have something to say, then why can’t they say it with their names first? The voters of GA don’t pay me to do anything; therefore, I have no responsibility, except to hold my elected leaders accountable for what they do or say.

    Nice try, though, Bill (and Erick).

  6. Ike1 says:

    I agree with GAWire. Why are these guys writing anonymously? On one, it sounds like someone is masquerading as a member. Anything written here from a “member” could come back and haunt the entire caucus. It is a great idea to get updates and insight from members, but I have doubts as to whether or not this is the best way. This is not a private site. Anyone has access to the comments written and now knows the ones with the “anonymous” bylines are “members.”

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