Glad to be among you

I have been reading your posts for a couple of weeks now with great interest. I commend Erick Erickson for his leadership in setting up this blog. I hope I will have the chance to meet Erick in person soon as I admire his ability with this helpful new tool and technology about which I have a lot to learn!

I look forward to contributing to the discussion over the coming months as we prepare for another session of the legislature and for another election year. Perhaps PeachPundit will attract a wider audience as time goes on and become an important place for discussion and debate.

As a Republican member of the legislature I hope to offer an inside perspective from time to time. I will simply offer my opinions recognizing that they are no better than any other contributor’s except that I hope I can offer the unique perspective of a Republican elected official who has labored for a long time in the hope of achieving what we finally have in controlling both chambers of the legislature as well as the governor’s office.

Majority status is very different from our time as the minority. Now we have to govern and the question remains, can we effectively govern on the principles we have campaigned on for years, or will our newfound majority status lead us to mediocrity and a protectionist attitude? Where do we go from here?

And then there is the ever peculiar tendency of some Republicans to eat their own. So some of the races this year will be very interesting to watch. If your posts are any indication, the Governor’s race may be overshadowed by nasty primary fights for Lt. Gov. and SofS. Although there has not been as much discussion, the primary race for AgC also promises to be interesting. The intensity of feelings around these races is not a bad thing, as long as we are prepared to support the winners of the primary battles in the general.

I am perhaps most interested in protecting our majorities in the house and senate, and in promoting a positive agenda in the next session that we can take into our campaigns next year.

I look forward to our discussion and debate as well as your suggestions for the next session.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    “And then there is the ever peculiar tendency of some Republicans to eat their own.”

    Well, this has to be the most overused cliche in the Republican Party. Sorry to disappoint you, Mr./Ms. Elected GOP Official, but, really now, if one is a “real Republican,” what else should one expect to happen? After all, the people that become members of the Republican Party, are, by definition, not people prone to think that “loyalty” must be demanded of anyone who wishes to run under the party banner.

    We are independent-minded individuals who (are supposed to) want government minimized as far as its intrusion into our lives. I cannot say that that edict has been very well followed by our Republican majority.

    We choose to “eat” (or, rather, tear into little bits and leave on the ground) those people with whom we disagree with. Or, dislike. Or, we choose to support one candidate over another and it becomes a slug fest.

    Please, don’t give me this tripe about “eating our own.” I know you probably think Earth was created in 6-days and the concept of evolution probably doesn’t get past your door, but, really, politics are all about the game of “survival of the fittest.”

    Now, if you want to be a member of a party where “loyalty,” is paramount, where all members will be your sychophants, look to joining the Democratic Party or any left-wing ideology. You won’t get any “eating of the young” there.

  2. Tater Tate says:

    Bill, I’m beginning to worry about you. Why do you jump so quickly to insult people? Any why must you always take a swipe at conservative Christians? Politics is a rough and tumble world, but does it have to be your brand of insult and slander? I use to read your web site occasionally, but left it behind a long time ago because I felt you were unfair to many you sought to crucify. Oh, forgive me for using a religious metaphor. I’m sure you wouldn’t approve. I have found some of your posts on this blog thoughtful, but of late you fangs have come out again.

  3. Melb says:

    The Democrats are much more diverse party and they don’t all think the same. Just because you believe the Republicans are the same doesn’t mean that the Democrats aren’t. I would also say the Republicans keep their own in line much more than the Democrats, one only has to look at the state legislature to see that.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Tater, a lot of those “Christian conservatives” think nothing of using their religious beliefs as a hammer to bang into someone else’s head. And, they’ve been banging away for 15 some odd years with no one to oppose them for fear of being labeled “anti-Christian.” I’m quite surprised you didn’t call me that, Tater.

  5. jackson says:

    Seriously, Bill. Are you mad now that she DIDNT insult you? Jeez.

    As far as the the new contributor goes, it’s pretty obvious that its from a politician. Just a hint, that while I welcome folks and any contributor, it is best to be short, to the point, and say something meaningful, instead of writing a long, exhausting letter with nothing really new to add. While I am sure you are new to blogs, what makes them special is not the typical political garbage we can get on any other site.

    That being said, I welcome your “insider perspective” Cant wait to read it.

  6. Tater Tate says:

    Why you’all don’t recognize a good south Georgia name like Tater? It goes back a long way in the Tate family for obvious reasons. And by the way, I am proud of my manhood!

  7. jackson says:

    Sorry, thought anyone that would call themselves Tater Tate would be a women. My mistake. 🙂

  8. Tater Tate says:

    Taters down here are big, soft, yet strong and delicious! I plead guilty to all the above!

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