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I do not think the Republicans are going to lose the State House or State Senate this coming year, but unless they are aggressive, the Republicans just might lose some of their numbers — and the margins are already small. With that in mind, it is troubling to think that the GOP might not have a proactive message for the coming year. Frankly, I’ve talked to about a dozen Republican State Representatives and Senators and all of them are talking about playing defense.

I start at the premise that the GOP has not been in power long enough to play defense, the GOP needs to be focus on what the Democrats did wrong and continue to aggressively undo decades of bad ideas. I fear the GOP has taked on the “establishment” mentality too soon. With that, we’ll be pondering more message ideas here at Peach Pundit, expanding our coverage, and adding to our categories of posts.

As always, feel free to chime in with comments.

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  1. Georgia has been effectively a Republican state on the federal level since 1994. Most voters do not know that Democrats used to control the legislature uninterrupted for such a long period, and having to explain this fact to them means you’ve already lost your argument, which many of the legislators seem to understand.

    I doubt your average voter feels state government’s current mission is to undo decades of bad ideas. I’d challenge a blogging pundit to come up with 3 such “bad” Democratic ideas that would resonate with your average voter anyway. Anyway, how can you even make that argument with a straight face when the Republican selected chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee is a RINO that was a leader of the “bad ideas” faction merely 3 years ago and when your own party leader might still be a Democrat (and campaigned for Clinton as late as ’96) if not for a personal vendetta against one Charles Walker and the retirement from politics of his Democratic mentor Pierre Howard?

    While the legislature will almost certainly remain Republican after the 2006 elections (even an optimistic Democrat can at best hope for the takeover of one body and realistically aim for small but solid gains in both), there are a number of Republican legislators carried in on a Bush wave in 2004 that must be worried that Bush’s popularity continues to erode nationwide because of the Iraq War and his insistence on beating the dead horse that is Social Security privatization (dissatisfaction with social security is certainly NOT the reason that Southern Dems stopped voting for Democrats) doesn’t help either.

    In other words, with voters knowing so little about state legislative races, partisanship is increasingly a driver. And the very positive partisan climate for Georgia Republicans in 2004 (Bush/Isakson vs Kerry/Majette) almost definitely will not be mirrored in 2006, with Taylor or Cox at the top of the ticket at least some Georgia voters outside of the 42% Democratic core will have a reason to vote for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and if they never had a reason to vote for the Johnny Grants of the world in the first place except for the fact that he was in the same party as Bush, well that has to worry said Johnny Grants.

    Great group blog by the way. Our side of the aisle needs a good GA insider group blog.

  2. GAWire says:

    >>”””i actually took a moment to register an account to come and say this:
    that is one hell of a nice resume.”””

    Now c’mon, Erick . . . you really didn’t need to have your girlfriend register to compliment your resume.

    Let your actions prove your worth – not what you put down on paper about yourself (or so a wise man once said).

  3. GAWire says:

    Just bustin’ your chops, EE. Good experience. We might as well use our resumes to boost our experience as much as possible!

  4. Booray says:

    I agree – if you’re not on the offensive, you’re backing up. I would bet Johnson and Richardson will end up playing it that way – neither of those guys strike me as play-it-safe types. Hope so anyway…

  5. zra says:

    yep, I’m definitely a male with no connection whatsoever to Mr. Erickson with the exception of the fact that I read this blog and confessions of a political junkie.

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