1. Maverick says:

    I heard it might be THIS Friday. And anyway, POTUS is coming to town to sell on some policy issue, not for politics. But I reckon it’ll make a statement nonetheless to see RR on stage with POTUS.

  2. polysci1 says:

    I like Bush. Heck I like it a lot. But here is the kicker. Unless Bush actually endorses Reed the Cagle camp has nothing to worry about. Also, historically Georgia has voted for a Republican for Pres. and Dems for everything else. That tells me the it will be the people of Georgia deciding who they put in office, not people from D.C. That includes the President.

  3. albert says:

    Now this is something to place bets about…. This is a policy speech about Social Security. The last few times he’s been here for policy speeches he’s had small business folks. Not to be disrespectful, but I can’t see RR on stage, it would not make a point with the issue he is addressing.

  4. Melb says:

    Bush walks beside Rove and everyone believes this is a form of support, if Reed is on stage with Bush and Cagle isn’t then I think that is saying something. I also think that if you think that Bush can’t help out during a Republican primary you’re insane, and I hope that all Cagle supporters aren’t thinking like that. Also if you go to Cagles website he has an Ad that features him and Bush so I know Cagle thinks he is a helpful image.

  5. Maverick says:

    Demographically POTUS is immensely popular here because of our military bases. Regardless of whether his popularity is based on notoriety or fame, Melb is right when he says that the statement is not made by Ralph’s presence on the stage. It’s made by Ralph’s presence coupled with Casey’s absence. I’ve no good reason to think it will be any different than that. However, if Cagle is present, it does completely take the wind out of Ralph’s sails with this event, no question. And anyway, Ralph and Rove are two peas in a pod…with Bill Gates. They’re smarter, more shrewd, and more pragmatic than most of the operatives in their respective fields. Most folks are just jealous, and so they stay in hot water. It’s hard to NOT be notorious when you’re opposite a hostile majority.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    “It’s hard to NOT be notorious when you’re opposite a hostile majority”….

    So, MJ, you’re now conceding that support for Ralph is a minority?

  7. GAWire says:

    First of all, it is against any and all policies that [both] Parties have to endorse a candidate in the Primary, even if one of them does indeed claim (every time he opens his mouth, in fact) to be a close friend of the President.

    The President will discuss policy issues such as tax reform, social sec reform and other economy-related policy, as well as rallying support for the new SCOTUS nominee.

    Will the President most likely participate in a reception, fundraiser or other public event with GOP candidates? Sure!

    Will he be holding a “Reed for Lt. Governor” sign with his arms around ole’ Ralphie like old buddies that just came back from enjoying mint julips and cigars while discussing the best way to put up a new fence on the ranch, and whose boots like better with their suits? Doubtful.

    Also, don’t forget . . . if a GOP LG candidate has any hope of winning in November, regardless of who it is, we must first rally support for our incumbent Governor, who is, by no means, in an easy race. So, if the President is going to be campaigning for anyone, it will most likely be Sonny and the GAGOP in general.

  8. landman says:

    It’s good for all GOP candidates to have the President come to our state.If he speaks of any state races it will be the Governor’s race,and the word from the White House is neither Cagle nor Reed will be on stage but that both will be seated in a VIP section.

  9. GAWire says:

    The landman is correct in that this visit is not a campaign visit – there is plenty of time for that, and as I said, the administration (just like the state Party, if it is smart) stays out of races and distances themselves from specific candidates during the Primary. There will be some fundraising going on for the Party but that will be it. Don’t forget . . . the Administration has policy and Supreme Court ambitions that they are working on right now, and when time comes for campaigning, they will go into that mode.

    Neither candidate will be on stage with the President – GA is not the only state with heated Primaries, but you don’t see the President campaigning for candidates on his other stops throughout the country.

    It is safe to say that RR is not as close to the WH as he makes himself out to be (everytime he speaks, I might add).

    Speaking of Mint Julips . . . is anyone else getting really thirsty from this weather? or maybe it is just all this heated political talk!

  10. albert says:

    I’m betting neither will be on stage, however, the President has as of late been involving himself in state races. Simply look at Floriday and Rhode Island. Why would the President want to back Chaffee?

  11. Booray says:

    I do not believe it will matter if RR is on stage. Most of the people in the room will see it – but they have mostly already taken sides. Most of the people outside the room will never see it – and wouldn’t care if they did. What matters is what POTUS may say about RR. I suspect RR has been pushing hard for a kind comment from Bush to be captured by RR cameras in the room.

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