One upness won’t keep Sonny in office…

My purpose in this post is to address in a very direct way the tone that this site has taken in the last several weeks. Having spoken with the sponsors of this site, I think I can communicate clearly that our purpose in hosting this forum was NOT for it to become a pissing match over Casey Cagle and Ralph Reed. In other words, we digress. The world of politics in Georgia is much broader in scope than a Lt. Governor’s race. We have two congressional seats up for grabs, several Senate seats at risk, several constitutional offices being sought, and yet we are getting caught up in this race in very personal ways. Objectively, it seems that an onslaught of Cagle supporters have been posting. In response, the few Reed supporters try to respond to the accusations, and end up throwing accusations themselves. It turns into a vicious cycle often referred to in politics as mudslinging. In a primary, all it does is divide Republicans, divide conservatives, and distract from the real issues at hand. We’re falling prey to that trap right now. Those of you who are blatantly antagonistic (you know who you are), back off. Those of you who can’t talk about anything but Cagle (or Reed), broaden your vision and expand your horizons. Good, quality discussion happened when we talked about Mac Collins. Honest opinions were exchanged without it seeming like a school yard fight. There are several of you that are incapable of forming honest, strategic analysis unless you have a personal vendetta involved. Try something different for a change.

Republicans are notorious for being polarized and divided, especially in primaries, and it weakens us to the point that we’re able to be defeated. We’re walking that path, again. It’s dangerous, considering the fact that we have a Governor considered at high risk. You should follow the example of Bull Moose…I admit, he and I are polar opposites on this race. I disagree most strenuously with him. But, he’s backed off, and the only Cagle/Reed post he’s brought to the table in the last week or so was largely centered on good, solid issues. It’s a good example for the rest of you.

My point is this: we’re supposed to be objective, thorough, accurate, factual, strategic, analytical, and multi-faceted. Is that the standard we’re achieving?


  1. Bill Simon says:

    Maverick, this discussion blog, for all the visitors it has, will have no effect on the outcome of the general election of 2006. So, what we discuss here, or don’t discuss here, isn’t really going to have an effect on anything in the big wide picture of Georgia politics.

  2. GAWire says:

    I would have to agree with Maverick’s suggestion, primarily based on this one key point: Who cares about the LG race? We can speculate that the person that wins this race will lead the GOP in GA into the future, but we are still a yr from the Primary and people are already talking about RR running for President. Folks, it ain’t gonna’ happen!

    BTW, how many people think GA’s everyday “Joe Voter” even knows what the Lt. Gov does, or that they are even going to have to vote for LG candidate when going into the booth to re-elect Sonny?

    To Bill Simon’s point, I also have to agree, b/c despite the fact that we thinkGA voters are waiting on edge to hear our opinions, strategies, theories, etc, none of this will play any role in the actual outcome next summer or November.

    To Maverick’s point about the GOP becoming polarized during Primaries . . . this happens every year and certainly every election cycle throughout the country (maybe not always to this extreme) – sorry to burst the bubble, but GA politics is not unique or exclusive in its political happenings. This stuff happens to the Dems as well . . . just look at Taylor and Cox right now. Still, look at the remaining shambles of the GA Dem Party, and you can see what can happen when key figures and their political beliefs divide Party members and voters (i.e. Zell Miller, etc).

  3. Maverick says:

    I agree with GaWire. However, the tone of our blog, and the professionalism (or lack thereof) it exudes will dictate how popular it becomes. People don’t read dirty little rags that do nothing but rant and rave, and froth at the mouth over other political figures. They want to hear about issues. Good, sound political events are ok, but speculation, conjecture, and dirty gossip only interest us political freaks 😛

    I also agree with GaWire that the average vote doesn’t, and won’t, know a thing about the LG race until two weeks out.

    Finally, I agree with GaWire…look at the Democratic party, and if what we’ve experienced on here typifies our party base, we can expect to trade places with the Democrats within 6 years.

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    I faced a similar situation a few years ago when I started an email discussion group about Georgia politics. It happened to be right at the time of the Reed v. Shafer race for State Chairman. The discussion was almost exclusively about that race and almost all pro-Shafer. If the posters on that email group were indicative of the Party as a whole, Shafer would have won in a landslide.

    Mr. Simon is correct, we can blog all day long, but it won’t determine the outcome of any election.

    However, Mr. Johnson’s point is well taken. It would be nice if more GOPers could disagree more agreeably.

  5. polysci1 says:

    Political Geeks have always and will continue to have lively debate amoung them selves. It is fun and entertainting up to a point. Why all the hoopla about the LG race? Because this is the only race that is hot to talk about it right now with all the press coverage. How many people want to talk about what the Dems are doing? Right now they are split on who they want to support for Gov. We all know Sonny is running on our side and he has a good chance at winning it. He just has to do something about the HOPE scholarship. That is what the Dems are going to use against him. Taylor is already vamping up the ” Sonny, the man who tried to take away HOPE from Georgia” stratagy.

  6. GAWire says:

    I have to say that the Democratic Party in GA has a lot more ammo to throw against Sonny than just HOPE. The Governor will be re-elected; however, it is not going to happen easily and it won’t be a cake-walk for GAGOP to come out on top next year either.

    Unfortunately, Sonny has come across to some conservatives within the GOP in the past as having unfulfilled some of his campaign promises. Some of those people have good memories and are not going to let Sonny just extend a 4-yr lease on the Gov’s mansion without showing that he will be willing to listen a little more in the next four years than he has in the first term.

    This election, like most now-a-days, will be won or loss at the grassroots level. I recommend that the GAGOP develop and implement a grassroots, voter ID and GOTV program like none other in order to turnout their strong rank-and-file base, and retain those that stood by them four years ago that perhaps aren’t as happy as they wish. There isn’t going to be a hot issue like the flag that is going to win it for him this time – that usually only happens once, if at all, so Republicans in GA are not going to be able to win on policy, legislation or a one hot issue. There isn’t going to be any Karl Rove-wannabes that are going to win it all with some genious political strategy. It will be won on the ground, and I predict it will take beaucoup money, organization and people to do it.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    The GA GOP has got to start doing more than just paying lip service to the grassroots.

    Anyone that went to the convention saw first hand that there is no excitement anymore in the party. Everyone is just kind of doing it for the sake of doing it. That isn’t good…

    And unfortunately, it starts at the top in our state.

  8. GAWire says:

    That’s a good point, Bull. Most often, the times when we feel like we are in control of everything b/c of PAST wins, is precisely when things go downhill and we start to lose.

    The GAGOP, I must say, has some arrogance and complacency issues. We often remember our past success too much to a point where they can cloud our future efforts.

  9. Bull Moose says:

    Over the next several years, Georgia will add about 3 million people to her state. Luckily, they will be locating outside of the Atlanta region. As a state Republican party, we must begin to foster the growth of party leaders outside of the circle of the same group of people.

    For too long, power has matriculated through a small group — we need to blow the doors open and let leadership rise from a large group.

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