As it would seem…

As it would seem, another group of Ralph Reed haters, those at the Atlanta Journal Constitution, is reporting that apparently we’ll have a visit later this month from our President. Sorry, folks, Ralph is really loving this one…For more information, although there’s not much more available, see today’s Political Insider.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    I fail to understand what this does for Ralph, unless you’re going to tell us that Ralph will claim that Bush is visiting Georgia on behalf of Reed’s candidacy…?

  2. GAWire says:

    FYI, John Fund of the WSJ had a collumn in today’s Political Diary about the possibilities of Max Cleland getting in the race against RR.

    It doesn’t look as though the national media focus on this race is going to stop anytime soon . . .

  3. GAWire says:

    Sorry . . . that is, if RR can beat Cagle in the Primary, of course.

    Also, it would be hard to believe that the President’s appearances here will help RR anymore than it would Cagle. Unless the President is holding a “Reed for Lt. Governor” sign with his arm around ole’ Ralph (yeah, right), then it is going to help Cagle’s campaign (and all GOP candidates) just as much as it would the RR camp (that is, if there are no more contributions accepted from organizations tied to Bin Laden).

    On that note, here is a phrase the Cagle communications staff should learn when asked to comment on early and developing stories (especially by Baxter or Galloway): “No comment at this time!”

  4. Tater Tate says:

    If the President comes to Georgia for political purposes, then I would fully expect that to benefit RR and not CC. Through Rove, it has been made perfectly clear where the White House is on this race. They do not expect the controversy to go anywhere or damage RR ultimately. Expect several big guns to visit the state on behalf of RR in the coming months. He helped deliver the southern strategy, Zell MIller, and so expect RR to get paid back in full during this campaign.

    I am just surprised such a visit is so early, but then perhaps it will help RR deal with CC’s support before it grows any further across the state. If the President comes in for RR, it will be a strong nail in the coffin of the CC campaign.

    And that’s too bad in a way. CC is a nice guy, but the decidely negative tone of his campaign thus far is not in keeping with CC. It is too bad that his campaign staff is made up of people who have a grudge against RR. This has the making of another Republican blood bath that will split the party and make our efforts more difficult next year.

    In spite of conventional wisdom, I belive most people are tired of negative campaigns.

  5. Maverick says:


    Um, when have they, you, or Casey’s staff said anything EXCEPT negative flack about RR? Bull Moose is the only one I’ve heard so far that has cognitively made a case for Cagle without referencing RR…

  6. Rebel says:

    Hello??? That’s all they’ve done. Fake emails to convention delegates, his consultant trying to get a negative story planted with the AP but not using his name or the Cagle for LG campaign name, the tone of the posts on this website and the constant comments from the cagle camp (this includes the NYT, Howard Dean, and the AJC) that simply attack Ralph.

    All the while, Ralph is positive, optimistic, and focused on Georgia and her needs. At the same time, he’s still in demand as a national spokesman for the GOP. (See FOX News this afternoon at 5:20)

    Now, the liberal dems (and moderate republicans) are going after Karl Rove just like they’ve been going after Reed. I wouldn’t want to be in the same group with those opposed to our President and our party – apparently Casey does. I wonder if they’ll comment about the Rove situation and how it’s gonna “bring Sonny and the GA GOP down?”

  7. Bull Moose says:

    Character, Honesty, and Integrity — that is what Casey Cagle brings to this campaign.

    Cagle is not and has never been an inside the beltway Washington Lobbyist. Cagle has never compromised his values or ethics in advocating for casino supporters. Casey Cagle would never let his ego get in the way of what is best for Georgia and her citizens.

    Casey Cagle is a successful small businessman from Gainesville, GA who serves as the Senate Finance Committee Chairman. He has advanced issues important to education, including putting an end to social promotion. Others talk about getting things done, Casey Cagle get’s them done.

  8. albert says:

    Geez,,, seem to me RR fan club seems to be calling the kettle black when it comes to negativity. In the words of the infamous Rodney King, “can’t we all get along?” Ok, for the pebble I’m tossing, I received an email from the Reed campaign pointing the finger at Cagle and minimizing his effectiveness and blaming all his woes for the negative press. So, in the words of the Creator, “he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Touche’

  9. landman says:

    It is so amusing to hear the dribble that is spoken by some people that support Reed.Now Rebel has Cagle supporters grouped with liberal dems,what a joke this guy is!!! Because some decide that they dont want a special interest lobbyist representing their state it makes them against our President? or Rove? I think not. The Reed camp constantly whines about the Cagle Camp ,but never say anything in regards to the qualifications of their candidate as it relates to this position.As I ve said before in the end, the winner of this race will be the one who best connects with mainstream Republicans and has a vision to better our great state,and that will be Cagle.You Reed people have a major chip on your shoulder and need to get over it.The papers are after your guy not because Joel,Elizebeth or any other Cagle team member are asking them to ,its because they smell blood and would love to sink him.Its this very reason that most lobbyist do not decide to enter a race for elective office,so if your going to do it you better be prepared to take a beating by the press.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    And, Rebel, if you are one of these “kiss-the-ass” of everything any Republican does, you’re as bad as any “liberal” in America. George Bush isn’t a saint, nor is Karl Rove. But, folks like you certainly have a tendency to treat them as such.

    Had this been Bill Clinton and his deputy chief of staff, you would have been frothing at the jowls to rant against them.

  11. GAWire says:

    >>”””Hello??? That’s all they’ve done. Fake emails to convention delegates, his consultant trying to get a negative story planted with the AP but not using his name or the Cagle for LG campaign name, the tone of the posts on this website and the constant comments from the cagle camp (this includes the NYT, Howard Dean, and the AJC) that simply attack Ralph.”””

    Evidently, you are new to the world of campaign politics!

    Personally, I think CC should continue to let RR run on his “past experiences” and “qualifications” for ELECTED OFFICE! . . . what a simple strategy.

    Something all of you Peach Pundits should keep in mind is that most Georgians (and most Americans for that matter) don’t care what is happening with Rove, Scooter and the White House, Indian casinos, etc. Most don’t even know what is actually happening, b/c unlike us, they are not glued (sp?) to the internet, nor are they even constantly watching cable news, including FNC. Most of Georgia conservatives are going to vote for the candidate whom they believe has the best experience and qualifications to properly execute the job at hand. Furthermore, as much as we want this race to be about the above issues, and centered on Atlanta voters, both candidate realize that this race could very well be decided early-on in places that are nowhere close to I285!

    Remember – this is a GOP Primary; therefore, it is going to be all about conservative voters – moderates in Atlanta will not turn-out at a highly influential rate (with the exception of N. Fulton/Cobb Co maybe). Conservatives in GA love the President, Zell Miller, Hannity and those folks, but conservatives in rural GA also listen a great deal to their local and state legislators . . . this race is, by no means, already decided!

  12. polysci1 says:

    GAWire might be right, but I think the moderates of the party will turn out to vote in the primary. I say that the swing voters are the ones who will wait until after the primary to make up their minds and they will vote in the general election. As far as the campaigns for LG go, both are strong candidates. Reed has name recognition and Cagle has experiance. The only concern I have is that if the republican who is perceived by the swing voters in Georgia as the most extreme to the right wins the primary, there will be a Dem sitting in that office after the general. Neither party clearly holds a +50% of the vote in this state. Republicans have about 46% while the Dems have 44% that leaves 10% of Georgia voters as independent or swing. Those are the ones who pretty much have middle of the road political views and they don’t want an extremist sitting in an elected office. Just a point from a class I took.

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