Mark Taylor

We’ve just received word from a source inside the Taylor campaign that Lt. Governor Taylor “has no intention in hell” of getting out of the Governor’s race, and that he intends to fight it to the death to take Cathy Cox down (she was rather glibly referred to in other terms, but we’ll leave those unsaid).

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  1. tatertate says:

    I’m sure there is no love lost between those two. She stands in the way of his life-long dream. More importantly, a major fight between the “big guy” and the south Georgia girl also threatens to rob the Democrats of any potential they might otherwise have to recapture the mansion and derail the Republican revolution.

    It is the Republican Party’s best hope that they fight it out to the death. I don’t think Taylor can be counted out at all. I think he still has a strong edge in the Democrat primary base. The only question is the amount of cross over vote from women who usually vote Republican, but will support a women who is either perceived as moderate, or is beat up by a big white male. That’s what Sonny is probably worrying about at night when he can’t sleep.

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