Just for the record…

Just for the record, I don’t believe a word I just wrote. Nor have I spoken with Bobby Kahn in years. I do however, believe that’s the way I’d be thinking if I was in Kahn’s shoes right now.


  1. albert says:

    For the ADD of blog reading, I posted this under MJ’s post he’s referring to.

    “â€?”â€?”opportunity of a lifetime, in a chance to capitalize on the grossly divided Republican base,â€?â€?’

    Grossly divided Republican base???? Not in your dreams or nightmares. This early out you see division simply based on backing of candidates, and this is from the traditional politicos. 9 1/2 of 10 people couldn’t tell you who is in the race for Lt. Gov. I would suspect the same amount have no clue who the current Lt. Gov. is either.

    Unless serious bricks are thrown between the various camps the weekend before the primary, as happened a year ago with the Senator’s mass mailing of false propaganda, things will gel just fine. Even with Ike’s mailing most folks still supported him hugely in the general election.

    By this same assessment I believe any of the candidates for Sec. of State have a good shot. I would certainly like to see Perry McGuire http://www.perrymcguire.com/index.phtml as our next SoS. Anyone willing to bust their chops to market themselves has a good shot. I don’t think anyone current office holder has a tremendously increased advantage in seeking another position. That being said, I’m not so naive to discount the money factor. McGuire has some impressive and respected supporters, Ron Blue and Truett Cathy.

    You know Bill, this election just may be an indicater that folks should be investing in chicken. Seems to be common thread in the various races.

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