The AG’s Race

Republicans has been whispering for months now about Robert Highsmith running for Attorney General. First, there was a rumor that Preston Smith would go up against him. That didn’t pan out. Then there was Rick Thompson, but then Rick decided to lobby for lawyers and is now going to be a Workers Comp judge. So that leaves Robert all alone in the field.

Yet, there is a catch. Robert did not file a Campaign Disclosure. That means (1) Robert is not going to run or (2) Robert has not started raising money. If Robert hasn’t started raising money that means (1) he’s behind the game (2) he’s slow to start or (3) he wanted to wait and focus now to make a very credible showing at the end of the year.

Republicans are already stretching themselves thin with statewide races. I know and like Robert very well and hope he gets in. But, with Baker already getting money across the state and the Dems getting aggressive and organized, I hope Robert works like hell and does not become the GOP’s sacrificial lamb.