I thought all along that Casey Cagle would get on the high side up to about $600,000.00. That he did is a tremendous thing for him.

I’ve also heard and thought all along that Ralph Reed would get between $1.6mil and $2mil. A party source suggested $2mil.

Right now I am hearing from unofficial sources that Ralph Reed will show about $1.4 million. If that is the case, it is a very good number, but it failed to meet expectations that were generated early. It will also cause more questions, such as whether there was a plateau. One more thing – I had heard that Ralph Reed had raised $700,000.00 in a day. I heard this, but I do not know it as fact. If that was the case, and we should be able to do a rough calculation based on his printed disclosure, the $1.4 million really would show that he did not get to his potential.

We’re all waiting now.


  1. buzzbrockway says:


    This is from an email I just received from the Reed Campaign:

    “Ralph Reed, Republican candidate for
    Lt. Governor, today released fundraising numbers that
    shattered the previous record by a Lt. Gubernatorial
    candidate of either party in Georgia history,
    including incumbent officeholders. Preliminary
    figures show that the campaign raised more than $1.4
    million. Contributions come from over 1,500
    Republicans, Democrats and Independents and from every
    region of Georgia.”

    That’s 2 and 1/3 times more than Cagle raised. Wether or not it’s up to his potential, it’s a lot of money and doesn’t suggest to me that the Abramoff investigation has hurt Reed too much.

    Two million dollars donated to two candidates in a race that’s over a year away certainly suggests an exciting primary. 😉


  2. Bull Moose says:

    With his rolodex, Reed should have been able to close the books on fundraising — the fact that he wasn’t able to reach the bar show that support for him is dwindling… Once you share with people the facts: that he took indian gambling money washed through christian organizations and fattened his personal check book; that he participated in a massive laundering scheme which resulted in millions taken from the same indian tribes; that he takes two sides of the same position depending on who writes the check, the voters of Georgia are going to turn sour on this bag of rocks, no matter how much money he has.

    Next time is at an event and takes questions, here are some suggested questions for him:
    1. What is the name of your criminal defense attorney?
    2. Can you define money laundering for me?
    3. AND HERE IS A HUGE ONE SONNY PERDUE STAFF — With Governor Perdue pushing so hard on ethics reform in the state legislature, how do you bring credibility to that issue considering your own ethical and legal shortcomings?
    4. Do you plan to continue to lobby if elected?

    And then dig into some issues — ask him how he plans to address Medicaid funding and the upcoming loss of federal funds.

    Ask Ralph about the Choctaws, Cooshatas, etc… Ask him what he did. Ask him if he regrets his actions.

    Please remember, Roy Barnes had $19 million and that didn’t win him reelection.

    So I’m not impressed by the number raised — Sorry — I expected higher.

  3. Maverick says:

    I was about to ask, Bull, what’s this nebulous “bar” of which you speak? An 800,000 difference between the candidates isn’t anything to sneeze at.

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