Cagle’s Situation

By my calculations, Casey only has enough money to pay for two or three statewide mailers, a tiny bit of either metro media or rural media, purchase collaterals, and pay his staff and consulting fees. That money will run out quickly. My guess is, as I mentioned earlier, that the metro Atlanta fundraising base has run dry. As Casey’s consultant is fond of claiming, grassroots don’t matter in a campaign, and campaigns in Georgia are won inside the perimeter.

Where do ya go now?

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  1. jackson says:

    Maverick, I am surprised at your lack of insight into campaigns. While no pro myself, I am amazed at your criticisms of Cagle so early as it relates to his campaign strategy or funding. We are over a year out and your are saying he only has enough money to do a few mailers and a little media. By that same logic, every other Republican statewide candidate is toast because they all raised much less than cagle (who, btw, raised more than Sonny 4 years ago – the leading candidate for Governor at the time). Cagle doesn’t need to beat Ralph Reed in fundraising. He did an exceptional job, in my opinion, of beating expectations and raising 600K in less than 3 months. And did his consultant really say grassroots dont matter? I highly doubt that.

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