This just in…

We just found out that Former Congressman Mac Collins will post some pretty impressive fundraising numbers this weekend. A large portion of it has come from his former fellow-Congressmen, and the Speaker will be hosting a PAC-targeted fundraiser for him in Washington on July 20th.

We also heard that Rick Goddard and Georgia Senator Ross Tolleson are out of that primary, both of whose names had been previously mentioned as potential primary challengers for Former Congressman Collins.

Good news. Now, if he can just exchange some of those Ga – politics – clueless RNCC staffers for local fellas who actually know what’s going on in Georgia….


  1. albert says:

    Neither were ever in. The district has already voiced support for Mac as far back as the district conventions.

  2. Maverick says:

    Both had seriously discussed a potential candidacy. What I meant was that both had confirmed to Mac their decision NOT to run.

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