Interesting ratio…

Interesting that in my post requesting for a positive view of why we should elect Casey, I only got two responses. The responses to my pro – Ralph post? Ratio of 5 – 1. 10 responses had to be posted there.

Keep up the good work, folks.

I can hear the chants now: “We hate Ralph, We hate Ralph, We hate Ralph, We hate Ralph…”


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Maverick — I think its because some people, myself included, are just blown away that the state is swallowing this BS line of “I didn’t know where the money was coming from” answer that Reed is trying to sell. It’s one thing to spin, it’s another to flat out mislead — especially when there is a paper trail to prove otherwise — not only do the facts show Reed knew where the money was coming from but he was helping in giving advice as to which non-profits to flush the money through… Sorry Maverick — that stuff just doesn’t sit well with folks with common sense.

    Maybe some of the kool-aid crowd will believe the line of BS but those of us with a brain know better…

  2. landman says:

    Mav,I think you need need to give yourself a little more credit for the post,I mean an analogy statement linking the Rough Rider and Ralphie Ralph is bound to draw some attention.I think the only anaolgy there is the fact that they both have the vertically challenged thing going on,oh yea and the cowboy boots,but Teddy could ride a horse couldn’t he.I thought Cagle had a good showing at 625k so its obvious he has a following that is in it for what they think Casey brings to the table and not just the anti-Ralph mantra you keep trying to hang on the Cagle Camp,While it is readily apparent you do not care for his team for whatever reason,I think Ralphs team has done a poor job in how they have handled the campaign thus far and has made it much to easy for Cagle’s crew.You might want to inform your guy that that this is an important election to some people and not just an attempt of helping someone pad their resume and thus it will not be a layup for him.What I would like to see you do is tell me why someone would vote for your guy,and what he has in common with the average Georgian.Bull has laid out a pretty convincing case for Cagle but all I hear you saying is anti-Cagle team rhetoric surely you based your decision on somthing a little more indepth than that.By the way I hear the helicopter arrival at the Cobb event went over like a bad hangover for Ralph,but he is so important isnt he?

  3. Bull Moose says:

    HELICOPTER? Don’t even get me started… Maybe he’ll come down from the “mountains” of Sugar Loaf in Duluth and share with us, or wait, bless us with his presence… This is getting more absurd as it goes on… I really would like for Maverick to give me just one reason why anyone in their right mind would or should vote for Ralph Reed.

    Oh and Maverick, brother, you can call the Cagle people negative all you want, but check with the reporters and see what’s driving the story — it isn’t Cagle, it’s the facts and the nice email trail between Abramoff and Reed…

    You know, we haven’t even really gotten to Enron or the racist campaign work in South Carolina yet…

    In other news, wow, Perdue raised a lot of money! GOOD!

    By the by — aren’t other people running for office in Georgia this year??? Can’t we talk about the other races and candidates — shoot for that matter — Maverick — how about give us some scoop on these people…

  4. jackson says:

    Nice point moose. More than Enron, I like the cable television stuff. Working AGAINST the Parents Television Council, who is trying to clean up television? BTW, what was the South Carolina stuff. Never heard that before.

  5. Bull Moose says:

    Any and all Maverick… personally all I know is that Bill Stephens and Karen Handel are running for Secretary of State and Brian Kemp is running for Agriculture Commissioner.

  6. Maverick says:

    Handel is a rumor only. Bill Stephens is running, true, and Brian Kemp is running against Gary Black. Unfortunately, Brian doesn’t stand much of a chance.

  7. Maverick says:

    Ditto Albert. Perry’s a very nice, very competant guy, but he doesn’t stand much of a chance against Bill Stephen’s machine, unfortunately. BTW, for anyone who’s interested, I hear Clint Austin is Bill’s consultant…

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