Open Thread…

Now that I have all that off my chest and out in the open, I’ll challenge each and every one of our readers who are Cagle supporters to explain to me what Casey has other than anti – Ralph, sugar coated rhetoric. Comments?


  1. Button says:

    Gay Shook, editor of The Weekly in Ralph’s hometown of Duluth, made the case for Casey Cagle in her June 24 column.

    After discussing her concerns about Ralph, she writes:

    This would have been the end of my piece on this subject but for a sentence from Lisa Baron, a spokeswoman for Reed, which appeared in today’s AJC on page D3. Baron was objecting to a news release issued by Reed’s opponent in the 2006 Republican Primary, State Sen. Casey Cagle. Baron said, “Sadly, this is just another personal, negative attack by Casey Cagleâ€

  2. Maverick says:

    Nice try, Button. I mean in your own words. That’s the type of material I’m talking about, but not someone else’s thoughts. I mean from your own personal conviction.

  3. jackson says:

    Welcome to political campaigns, Maverick. My questions are: What has Ralph Reed done except embarass himself and those close to him? Why does Casey Cagle, a person who has served honorably and WITHOUT embarassing himself with ANY questionable behavior need to justify what he says in his campaign about Ralph Reed, other than that it is factual? Why doesn’t Ralph Reed explain what he has been doing to advance the conservative agenda when it counts…when he is not working for some organization in DC and having to make a living on his own?

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