The Money Game

Okay, BULL MOOSE has some things to point out on fundraising —

1. Casey is going to blow expectations out of the water. With a little over 60 days in the race, I hear the numbers are impressive and it’s Georgia money.

2. Ralph will raise more — no surprise. However, a good sizeable portion of Ralph’s money is out of state money. How much? That’s the number to watch. As the out of state money percentage increases for Ralph, the more trouble he’s in politically.

Another race that I’m curious about in money raised is the Democrat race for Governor… I haven’t heard a word from that… Do they have blogs for that side??? The thing to watch is how much Republican money is Cathy going to raise? Look for the names or did they contribute $100 so they don’t show up on the disclosure???

One more thing — Bull Moose isn’t attacking Ralph — Bull Moose is pointing out the truth about Ralph. I can’t help it that he speaks out of two sides of his mouth. Eventually, stuff like that catches up with you and in this case, it’s long overdue to catch up with him…