Remember that old game we used to play as kids? You had a certain amount of time to jog the other players’ memory into uttering a certain word. The catch? There was a list of words, most of the time synonyms, that you could not use in your efforts to jog their memory.

Let’s play taboo. I dare anyone, Bull, Erick, Clayton, anyone out there, to convince me to vote for Casey Cagle without using the following words:

Ralph Reed
Washington insider

I don’t think it can be done. In fact, the more I see and reed, er, read, the closer I’m pushed over the edge to vote for Ralph. Come up with a cohesive, convincing case for Cagle that ISN’T built on an anti Ralph, or Casey-is-better-than-Ralph platform, and I’ll think about it.

One other thing: fellas (Bill Simon and Bull Moose, mainly)…come up with something to criticize other than my spelling of proper names. Attack my analysis all you want, by all means, test it with fire. The names thing is just kind of lame.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Easy: In the race for Lt. Governor, we have two choices, and amongst those choices, one stands out as a clear leader in Georgia’s future. That candiate is State Senator Casey Cagle.

    Casey brings to the table a wealth of experience garnered from real life experience in running a business and meeting a payroll as well as having served in the State Senate for over 10 years.

    When Casey talks about changing a one size fits all approach to education, he knows from experience and his own life how sometimes our educational system can let kids slide through the system. Casey lead the effort to end social promotion in our state and as Lt. Governor will have the know how and ability to lead the effort on improving our educational system, giving teachers the tools and flexibility they need to improver our educational system, to make it a system around learning.

    Casey knows the issues important to a growing Georgia, as a resident of Hall County, Casey witnessed first hand how rapid growth can tax a communities infrastructure. Casey has the know how to address the issues that face a state that is expected to add three million new residents over the next 20 years.

    Casey also understands that the best way to address many of our problems today is through a good paying job, and by being a true friend and partner to the business community, Casey will ensure that legislation doesn’t infringe on the private sectors ability to thrive in our state. That means more jobs for Georgia.

    And finally, Casey has the drive, determination to make a difference for Georgia. Casey grew up believing there were no limits to what he could achieve, and such, will work to ensure that all Georgians have the opportunity to dream big dreams and have the skills and ability to make them come true.

    As for Casey’s opponent, an inside the beltway special interest advocate, much can be said about his stance on various issues, the bottom line is that he doesn’t know the issue important to Georgia and he doesn’t have the ability to make things happen under the Gold Dome in Atlanta.

    We are too great of a state to turn to a political hack when Georgia has someone as qualified and able as Casey Cagle to serve in our state government.

    Those are the reasons that I’m supporting Casey Cagle.

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