Situation in the Senate…

As a result of the statewide races and such, the Senate has a number of seats at risk, which will have to be defended soundly, in order to maintain the majority in the Senate. In an effort to do that, look for the Senate Leadership, as they should, to show the Governor a finger this session and run with their own aggressive policy agenda. They’re currently defending the seats held, or formerly held by:

Senator Casey Cagle (believed that this seat will be sought by Representative Stacey Reese)
Senator Bryan Kemp (rumored that Bryan’s brother in law will run for this one)
Senator Preston Smith (trial lawyers will be funding this race, most likely)
Senator Johnny Grant
Senator John Bulloch

I think Bull made a reference (this just hit me) last night in response to a certain Senate race, or something of that nature. It reminds me of something that happened last cycle. Someone (who is currently seeking office yet again), left an elected office, to challenge an astronomically better funded and supported opponent, and lost miserably. There wasn’t even a run-off. As much as I like him, I’m sorry to say that might have ended Mac Collin’s career. There are now rumors that others within the Georgia political establishment will try to recruit Retired General Rick Goddard to run in that primary. My advice is leave Goddard the heck out of it. Your best bet for that race is Senator Ross Tolleson. However, that would open yet another seat that the Senate Caucus has to defend. Anyway, I digress. My point was, to date, the contest between Cagle and Reed remarkably resembles the contest between Collins and Isaakson. Think back. See what I mean?

Finally, I want to address this widely held assumption that connections in Washington are bad, evil, wicked, damaging, etc. Strictly from a fiscal standpoint, connections to Washington are a vital element, and are part of the reason certain public infrastructure areas in Georgia are in such poor repair. In today’s government economy, many types of State funding in the form of grants, and subsidies and such, require matching federal money. If the federal dollars are not there, the money gets reallocated in other areas. As such, I think before those of you who seem to be singularly less informed should take time to consider the potential benefits of a Washington insider being our Lt. Governor. You might find some interesting aspects of it.


  1. Bull Moose says:

    Bull Moose is about to go crazy on the coast!

    Connections in Washington are important. HOWEVER, being known in Wasington as a hypocrite, potential criminal, and someone who’s word isn’t their bond means nothing.

    Slowly and surely, Ralph is losing credibility with the powers that be in Washington.

    Also, Maverick, this race is so not Collins vs. Isakson (by the way, for an insider you’d think you’d know how to spell our Senator’s name). I’ll admit this is an uphill battle. This is David vs. Goliath.

    But you know what Maverick, and I appreciate you pointing out everything, in the end, experience, competency, and ability to get things done will trump personality.

    ALSO, to set the record straight, BULL MOOSE is not ANTI Ralph Reed and I’m certainly not attacking him — I’m pointing out the truth. There is a difference.

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