Don Balfour is my Hero

I’m originally from Louisiana. Growing up, when not living in the Middle East, I lived next to the local police department. Every Christmas, New Years Eve, and 4th of July, we would go outside and shoot fireworks off, sometimes with the police.

But, then I moved to Georgia. I knew the Dems were in charge here at the time, but I didn’t realize they were a bunch of true weenies. No fireworks allowed! Well, at least until the GOP took over and Don Balfour pushed S.B.133. Now I can share with my children the fun I had when I was young.

Sure, there will be stupid people who burn themselves or lose a hand. If they didn’t have fireworks, they’d have something else. Sometimes you just need to let people have a little fun.

Don Balfour, you are my hero. Bud Light should do a “Fireworks Man, You Are My Hero” commercial for you.