From Senator Chip Rogers

This was posted in reply to my comments on the “Chip Caucus” earlier today. While I still hold to my position, I respect Senator Rogers for his courtesy in replying with tact and professionalism, unlike some other state legislators from whom we’ve heard recently.

“While I agree with almost all that you post, I must take exception to your characterization of the Chip Caucus. The suggestion that myself, or Senator Pearson, attempted any so-called coup is not correct.

As President of the freshman class, I hold periodic meetings to discuss almost any issue imaginable as it pertains to legislative life and/or duties. Two such meetings were held prior to electing our new majority leader with a publicly posted and distributed agenda. That agenda included legislative items, fundraising, and yes, caucus politics. Again as Class President I felt it appropriate to facilitate a discussion of the Majority Leader’s race. At the time there were no announced candidates except Senator Tommie Williams. A question was posed as to whether there was any other person that the freshman class would consider. There was a brief discussion that ended in unanimous support for Senator Williams. I spoke with Senator Williams both before and after the meetings and gave him a full report of what was discussed. I also gave him my full and unconditional support in his campaign for majority leader. To my knowledge Senator Pearson did the same.

To summarize, a meeting was held, persons seeking, or potentially seeking higher office, were discussed, a conclusion was reached to unanimously support Senator Williams, and the caucus remains as strong as ever. Certainly not a description of a coup attempt.

Again, I agree with just about everything you have written, but wanted to set the record straight as it pertains to my support of our leadership. I know that Senator Tommie Williams will do a great job and I will support him in any way that I can.

Chip Rogers
State Senator”