Another reason Ralph Reed is bad for Georgia…

Ah, college, for some it was a time to have fun. For others, it was a time to attack and destroy a man who stood for peace.

Hmm… that doesn’t add up does it? While some of us had fun, played football, went to parties, other people wrote lengthy papers on Ghandi, wait a minute, he didn’t actually write it, I think he “borrowed” it…

Read for yourself…


  1. albert says:


    What’s good for Ralph is that the average Joe is not even paying attention to the story. I bumped into a fellow at work yesterday. He is an election time politico. He doesn’t pay attention to the detail only what is happening days before the vote. We began talking about the Reed flap. His interest level was nil. Seems that a lot of folks really don’t give a rip until their rights are infringed upon.

  2. Chris says:


    Face it, the people are convinced that all politicans are corrupt scumbags. They’ve been desensitized to the whole scandal thing. Hell, it not like he somebody.

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