Allen Freeman On Eminent Domain

Allen G. Freeman, one of the up and coming stars of the Georgia House has now chimed in on the Kelo decision.

Representative Allen G. Freeman, R-Macon, today joined Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue and Speaker Glenn Richardson in calling for greater protections of individual private property in the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling regarding the use of eminent domain powers.

“The ruling of the Supreme Court will have devastating effects for individual property owners and will only lead to abuses of eminent domain powers,” Freeman said. “The rights of private property owners must be protected and I join our Governor and Speaker in pledging to fight such abuses of power in Georgia.”

In a ruling issued on June 27, 2005, the Supreme Court said that local governments may force private property owners to sell making way for private economic development.

House Resolution 87, introduced by Representative Bill Hembree (R-Douglasville) during the 2005 legislation session, proposes an amendment to Georgia’s constitution limiting the power of eminent domain specifically to exclude its use for purely economic development or expanded tax revenues purposes.

Senate Bill 86 also seeks to tighten the reigns on abuse of eminent domain powers by prohibiting its use for primarily improving the tax base or for economic development. SB 86 passed the Senate and can be considered by the House during the next legislative session.