The Real Deal

Bull Moose is ready to take a side in the Lt. Governor race. After much research, prayer, and consultation with friends and people involved in various levels of state and local government, Bull Moose is standing behind Casey Cagle for Lt. Governor.

Bull Moose is impressed with the seriousness in which Cagle, a young, articulate, successful businessman and father of three is approaching his campaign for the second highest office in our state. As an incumbent Senator and Chairman of the Finance Committee, Cagle is positioned to be a leader on making things happen for Georgia, not just talking about them, but doing them and making them happen.

Since 1994, Cagle’s been there at the State Capitol, in the trenches fighting for his constituents in Gainesville, and Bull Moose feels that given the chance, when the rest of the state meets and gets to hear Casey Cagle, they will quickly want to join his campaign.

Cagle has the know how, experience, and desire to truly work for a better Georgia.

One other note about Cagle — there is something authentic and different about this man — you can see it in his eyes — the desire to really lead us to a better, more prosperous Georgia.

Cagle reminds Bull Moose of another rather prodigous legislator, Senator Paul Coverdell. Coverdell was a serious man and determined to make a difference and in Cagle, Georgia has a chance to evelvate another such leader!

So, you heard it here first — Cagle is the man to beat in the Lt. Governor’s race.

On another note, not to be negative, but Ralph Reed doesn’t know the first thing about making things happen down at the state capitol. He doesn’t know the issues, he doesn’t know the players, and he doesn’t have the support of the members of the Senate.

Not to mention, the ethical baggage that Reed is carrying is not what our state needs if we are going to continue to grow and prosper.

As far as Bull Moose is considered, Reed is done and as time progresses people will be falling off of his campaign one by one. It will be a slow and painful fall for someone who thinks so highly of their self.

Not pulling any punches — just straight talk from Bull Moose…