Republicans About To Notice the 3rd Branch

After trying to beat her at the polls and losing, Republicans now have what could most likely be called an enemy as the head of the third branch of Government.

For the first time in its 159-year history, the Georgia Supreme Court is now led by a woman.

Leah Ward Sears took the oath of office Tuesday as chief justice of the state’s highest court in a ceremony at the Capitol. Various state leaders attended, as well as U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, who – like Sears – grew up in Chatham County.

After thanking friends and family for their support, Sears wasted little time before outlining her priorities as head of the state’s judicial branch.

“As chief justice, I intend to do what I can to help Georgia’s families prosper and succeed,” said Sears, noting her concern that nearly 25 percent of the children under 18 in Georgia are the subject of child-support awards. “When marriage is no longer considered a prerequisite for parenthood, ladies and gentlemen, our future is in doubt.”

Tort reformers may have thought they passed their law. Passing it and having the Supreme Court treat it with merit are two separate matters. This could be interesting.

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  1. Bull Moose says:

    Bull Moose thinks that while Justice Sears may be liberal and we may not agree with her decisions, we need to watch our rhetoric when attacking our judicial system.

    What Sears said about parenthood would be cheered if said by someone with a conservative reputation. We need to make sure that we are consistent in the people that we demagogue…

    Give Justice Sears the benefit of the doubt.

    On a note, anyone notice that Sonny came out a few weeks ago and said that he thought maybe we should have a partisan judical branch because people were going too far in touting party endorsements in their campaigns… Funny, wasn’t it Sonny carrying the water for a candidate against Sears that loss miserably in ’04? Hmm…

    An independent judiciary is good for our state and country…

    While we’re talking about the State Supreme Court — why did Sonny disregard advice given by a US Supreme Court Justice, Two US Senators, and countless others in making his appointment? Is his candidate actually qualified? Opinions differ depending on who you talk to… Bull Moose for one thinks that Sonny should have followed the recommendations of TWO US Senators and One Supreme Court Justice in his appointment.

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