Winners and Losers, III

Anthony Scott Hobbs – loser – apparently the chairman of the Cobb County Republican party had enough political saavy to take over the Cobb party organization fairly smoothly and efficiently. What cracks me up is how every once in a while, you’ll hear a surge of ambition whoosh forth (ie, running for chairman of the state party, or the little magazine effort, I can’t even remember the name of it now), only to die shortly thereafter. Anthony, do yourself a favor and stick to business. We understand you do well at that.

Cathy Cox – winner – When asked why she wouldn’t take a step back and consider running for Lite Gov, instead of challenging Mark Taylor for Governor, she replied that when someone showed her a poll indicating that would be a wise, or the best option, she would consider. While one does have to admire her pluck, we also have to consider the fact that she knows, just as well as we do, that no such poll numbers exist. Cathy is in a unique position, and I’ll repeat my analysis from awhile ago, complimented by the words of former House Majority Leader Larry Walker in James Magazine, that if she recieves the endorsement of Shirley Franklin (which I suspect she will), we’d better stand back and watch the fireworks. With all due respect to our esteemed former Majority Leader, I’ll dispute his prediction of her chances being 1 in 4 and say this: if she recieved a Franklin endorsement, I’ll bump that up to 1 in 2.

Mark Taylor – loser – See above analysis. The best thing he has going for him right now is an enormous war chest…quite the perfect tool to use for defeating a Republican Lite Gov candidate, regardless of how well funded said candidate is by lobbyists in DC…that way, The Big Guy could recieve a Franklin endorsement, as well…

Sonny Perdue – loser – This is my opportunity to answer Erick’s question in more detail. Problem is, there’s not alot of detail to be given. To sum it up, Sonny has done quite the job of botching a first administration. Granted, his first term has been like drinking out of a fire hose, and there are liabilities that come with the job. HOWEVER: it’s never wise, as a Republican to refuse pay raises, try to hike taxes, and the like. Many said Sonny did a much better, more aggressive job this past session. Folks, that’s compared to the first session. If he’s to position himself for a safe run in 2006, he’s going to have to make some MAJOR policy progress. If either Taylor or Cox were to run without a primary opponent (which is still a possibility), Sonny had better watch out. If we have a Taylor/Cox matchup prior to the general, here’s the outcome: Sonny beats Taylor, Cox beats Sonny. Bad news all around.

Sonny, unfortunately, was elected in 2002 on the bases of strong grassroots and vocal rural support. This time, those elements are going to be absent, from all indications. He, on occasion, and his staff, more frequently, have ignored and blown off the very people who worked so hard to elect him. They’ll not vote against him, but I daresay they’ll not work for him again. Conclusion? Sonny’s going to go with whichever candidate’s offer the best statewide grassroots networks that he can tap into…

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  1. Bull Moose says:

    I want to expand on my earlier comments about advice to Perdue… After years of being in the wilderness, with the first Republican Governor really ever, most loyal people who built the party were looking for some appreciation for building this network, a vehicle, if you will, by which Sonny Perdue could use, or drive in, to the Governor’s mansion.

    By not thanking those people, and making sure that these loyal party builders were given the opportunity to serve in various capacities, Sonny showed a lack of party loyalty, appreciation, and in general just poor political judgement. Instead, Sonny appointed a lot of the “johnny come lately’s and old line democrats.” Now, all across the state, all these people who worked and built up the Republican Party and helped get Sonny elected feel slighted and they are not willing nor will they go again and help Sonny.

    It shouldn’t surprise anyone that there is a strong underground movement of Republicans organizing to support Cathy Cox.

    With all that said, all is not lost and Sonny can save himself. He needs some BIG ideas that are exciting to run on for 2006 — issues that are bigger than just voting for Sonny…

    Here are some issues:
    1. Constitutional Amendment addressing redistricting — create a non-partisan commission to draw district lines — take the politics out once and for all

    2. Statewide floating homestead exemptions

    3. Comprehensive education package including a plan AND COMMITMENT to reduce classroom sizes, reward teachers for continuing education and performance, allow counties to join together in offering more expensive educational opportunities — perhaps regional charter schools or tech high schools

    4. Healthcare — I don’t know all the answers here, but this issue MUST be addressed or else the county and state are going to have a problem on their hands down the road… We need to get premiums back under control and address this issue now.

    If Sonny just runs as “Sonny” he may be able to beat Mark Taylor, but the historical proportions of Cathy Cox and her positive “get it done” attitude will carry the day, and likely carry Georgia Democrats back into power. AND I SAY THIS AS A VERY VERY LOYAL AND PARTISAN REPUBLICAN.

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