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Here’s your chance.

What one piece of political advice would you give to Sonny Perdue?

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  1. Bull Moose says:

    BULL MOOSE almost can’t believe this thread! What an opportunity!

    Sonny, my POLITICAL advice to you isn’t going to make you happy brother! First off, maybe you didn’t realize it, but the 2002 election was a vote AGAINST Roy Barnes, not necessarily a vote FOR you.

    That said, you had a tremendous opportunity to turn that into anything you wanted! What did you do?

    Right out of the gate you called for tax increases! BULL MOOSE liked to have died — the first Republican Governor in modern times and his first initiative is to RAISE taxes.

    Second thing Sonny, what have you done with the people who built the GA Republican Party? Where’d you stash them away? Bull Moose likes new faces, but at some point you’ve got to reward those that helped make your election possible.

    Also Sonny, folks aren’t fired up about you sir. You’ve kind of let us all down. You gave the teachers lip service. They get what, a 3% raise, but there health insurance premiums go up 14%. BULL MOOSE says that doesn’t add up — +3 – 14 = an 11% pay decrease! Way to go Sonny!

    Tackle some big issues and propose some big ideas for Georgia or else you and Roy will be a match made in one term lore!

  2. Ted says:

    Three pieces of advice:
    1. Recognize that the next Governor will be elected with 51% of the vote. The upcoming election will be close, and there is no margin for error.
    2. Ease Ralph Reed out of the race for Lieutenant Governor. He is a divisive figure whose scandals demoralize our base and embarass us all. If Reed survives through the primary, he makes your reelection much more difficult – if not impossible.
    3. Pray that Karen Handel wins the nomination as Secretary of State. She helps the ticket with suburban women, which is especially important if Cathy Cox wins the Democratic nomination.

  3. Maverick says:

    Karen Handel can’t win the SOS nomination. Name ID outside the perimeter is nil. Sonny will be too busy with his own troubles to try to muscle her across that finish line.

    Sonny had better wrestle his life away trying to keep Ralph in. He desperately needs the grassroots organization Ralph will put together. Without that, Sonny’s sunk. He has no grassroots of his own.

    With that, I agree with Ted’s analysis that the next Gov will be close…probably closer than we all care to realize. We’d better get ready to trade in our keys to the house on West Paces Ferry…

  4. buzzbrockway says:

    I agree that Perdue needs to run on big ideas. Here’s my suggestion for that big idea: A tax payer’s bill of rights that would limit the growth of government. It’s been used in Colorado with positive results. State Rep. Donna Sheldon has formed a study committee to look into implementing it here in Georgia. If Governor Perdue endorsed this idea, it would reassure his base that Georgia Republicans will not spend like drunken sailors.

    I must disagree with Ted’s comments. Perdue should stay out of other GOP primaries. Republican primary voters don’t like being told who to vote for and meddling by the Governor could backfire on him. Trust the voters to figure out who should be the nominees. More often than not, the voters get it right, and Perdue needs to focus on his own race.

  5. Harry says:

    Buzz’s suggestion of a tax payer’s bill of rights is a good one. I’d go a step further and begin to press for a sunset of the Georgia income tax, at least individual if not corporate. Look to Tennessee and Florida for examples of how to manage the budget without income tax.

  6. tommy says:

    Sonny needs to energize and organize the grass roots. He cannot rely on other candidates to do it for him. He certainly cannot rely on Ralph, whose “grass roots” ability is mostly smoke and mirrors. It was not Ralph’s grass roots that elected Sonny anyway. Ralph threw Sonny under the bus in the first campaign, which is why Sonny turned around and ousted him as state party chairman in Anthony Scott Hobbs fashion.

    Sonny needs to bring in a new team. He needs to reach out to the existing grass roots structure and he needs to build on it. He has a year and a half, but time is running out.

  7. Bull Moose says:

    Ralph takes credit for a lot of things — he did help build the organization in which the grassroots volunteers got involved, but even that is only so much…

    From what I hear, Sunday School classes across Georgia were talking about the audaciousness that Ralph has to be against casinos and gambling, but then accept casino money to help close competing casinos in favor of another casino… UGH… even I get confused…

    Do we really want to elect a personality and talking head to Lt. Governor? I mean, how much sense does that make? Read the Weekly Standard article on Reed and most of you will be speachless…

  8. Chris says:

    I can’t think of one thing Sonny has done to truely reduce the burden of state government on our lives. However, should he take a leadership role in the Gen Assembly this session he can do some major things:
    Constitutional Amendment to either eliminate or (as someone suggested above) require supermajority approval for any income tax increases.
    Preempt local abuse of the Kelo decision by getting the Gen Assembly to pass a law outlawing eminent domain for private development.
    Make at least a token effort to close down unneeded state government programs. The President was able to find 150 things to nuke from the federal budget. Sonny should be able to find at least 15-20.

    Sonny has an entire session to get this done, and the laws passed would go in effect just as the race is heating up. If he does well by the Georgia Taxpayer, they will remember in November.

  9. landman says:

    I must agree with Ted ,if Reed makes it to the general Sonny loses .Ralph has become an unnecessary liability to the party.His grassroots are overrated ie how many state reps or state senators are endosing him publicly or privately?Secondly he must find a way to reconnect with the teachers there is a major disconnect there that may prove fatal.

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