An Article About Ralph Reed from the Weekly Standard

Read this article and it should make you think twice about supporting Ralph Reed…

Money is like water down the side of the mountain. It will find a way to get around the trees.

–Ralph Reed

IT WAS JUNE 4, a Saturday, a little after 9 A.M., at the Golden Corral restaurant in Lawrenceville, Georgia, about 20 miles north of downtown Atlanta, and Phyllys Ransom–red hair, white skin, blue eyes; a walking, talking American flag–was explaining why she supports Ralph Reed.

“Integrity is something people talk a lot about, but so few people have,” Phyllys said.
A few feet behind Phyllys–“Make sure you spell my name right: P-h-y-l-l-y-s”–Reed shook hands with his supporters.

“I just think Ralph is authentic,” Phyllys said. “And when you’re authentic, you’re comfortable. You see it in his comfort level. You see it in his–this is a word I like to use–congruence.”

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