Winners! (and losers…)

This is the first of my next several posts which will focus on a series of political figure classifications of the players in Georgia politics. Feel free to jump in and comment as you will, and if you feel that I’m in error, feel free to email me at [email protected], or instant message me on AOL at maverickgeorgian. I welcome criticism and feedback.
Note: these are in no particular order. My next posts will, as I said, focus on a more in depth analysis and explanation of why the person is a loser, or winner, as the case may be.

Saxby Chambliss – Winner;
Zell Miller – Winner;
Bill Simon – Loser;
Anthony Scott Hobbs – Loser;
Cathy Cox – Winner;
Mark Taylor – Loser;
Sonny Perdue – Loser;
Eric Johnson – Winner;
Tommie Williams – Winner;
Chip Caucus – Loser;
Scott Rials – Jury’s still out on this one…leaning loser;
Nick “Neo” Ayers – Loser;
Paul Bennecke – Winner;
John Watson – Loser;
Mike Bowers – Loser;
Sean Hannity – Loser;
Glenn Richardson – Winner;
Jerry Keen – Winner, maybe BIG winner;
Barry Loudermilk – Winner;
Insider Advantage – Loser;
Regina Thomas – Loser;
Herman Cain – Winner;
Wayne Oliver – Loser;
John Oxendine – Loser;
Gary Black – Winner;
Bryan Kemp – Loser, unfortunately;
Dan Moody – Winner;
John Wiles – Winner;
Mac Collins – jury out on this one, too…leaning loser;
Renee Unterman – Loser;
Earl Ehrhart – Winner;
Lynn Westmoreland – Winner;
Phil Gingrey – Winner;
Chip Lake – Winner;
Linda Hamrick – Winner;
Joel McElhannon – Winner in de-evolution;
Tim Phillips – Hmmmm;
Ralph Reed – Loser;
Casey Cagle – Loser;
Amanda Seals – Winner;
Jay Walker – Winner;

We’ll stop there, and I promise the steaming analysis will hopefully turn into a regular stream of comment and criticism on Georgia top political movers and shakers. Trust me, you won’t want to miss it. My goal is to have more people angry at me at one time than has ever happenned to me before. Something tells me I’m not going to have too much trouble with this goal.


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