Bull Moose on Patrol

Ladies and Gentlemen: I am Bull Moose. I’ll be here to help keep a check on the sways of politics and the rhetoric espoused by our oh so qualified elected officials and candidates.

I call them like I see them. I don’t pull punches and I don’t take cheap shots. A spade is a spade, and I’ll call anyone anywhere if their actions don’t match their rhetoric…

So, with that said — I speak for Bull Moose and Bull Moose only! I’m not elected! I’m not appointed! I’m just a straight shooter — you know you’ll like it! So stay tuned and pay attention!

First Up From Bull Moose:

RALPH REED. Can the stink get any worse? BULL MOOSE SAYS Ralph — You’ve got some explaining to do! You can only tell so many versions of the “truth” before everyone realizes that the truth doesn’t match the facts, and in this situation — the facts don’t match your version of the “truth”.