Reed’s Hometown Paper Slams Him

What else has happened that should be making Ralph Reed cringe? Well, how about this editorial from his hometown newspaper:

I have had only one face-to-face conversation with Mr. Reed and that was a couple of years ago in the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce parking lot after some large meeting or other. He is very smart and very, very smooth, but my you-know-what detector kept bleeping and I could not make it quit . . . Even before this Alabama gambling mess involving the Choctaw Indians and their highly profitable casinos, I did not think that Ralph Reed was the face I wanted to see for Georgia. No.


Not to be outdone, the AJC has also gotten in on the act with its editorial board.

Most damning of all, perhaps, Reed and Abramoff engage in an extended e-mail exchange in which they discuss which conservative nonprofits should be used to launder the Choctaw money, thus preserving the fiction that no gambling money is being used.

Georgia Republicans now have a problem. In his work with the Christian Coalition and in other forums, Reed has built a public persona as a straight arrow, as an exemplar of moral values such as telling the truth and of living by your principles.

That image has been exposed as a fraud, at least to those who are willing to look at the evidence. The e-mails (available at reveal Reed as a manipulator willing to sell his standing with the conservative Christian community to whomever was willing to meet his price.

It’s hard to believe that Republican primary voters will find that behavior acceptable.


Now, let me add my editorial comment: I don’t really care what the AJC thinks, because if Cagle gets the nomination, the liberal bias of the editorial board will be out to get him too. But, the Duluth Weekly, though a low volume newspaper, speaks volumes. To have the hometown paper get involved in such a big story so early should be a concern.

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  1. Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s time for Ralph to go.

    Your kool aid drinking friends may fall for your bull but the facts speak for themselves and the facts say you have lied many times about your association with the efforts to shut down the casinos.

    Not only is the media swirling around you, but there is an investigation in Washington, there is an ongoing FBI criminal probe, and soon the State of Alabama is going to be starting an investigation of your efforts.

    And to those of you who are drinking kool aid — STOP! Read the facts! Be sensible! Doesn’t our state deserve that???

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