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I dare each one of you to reply to this post, and take a shot at naming the Indian tribe in question in the Reed “scandal…”

I doubt very seriously many of you could do that without researching it first.

My point is this: for those of you who are so convinced that Ralph is going to lose because of the casino situation, you’re all wrong. IF Ralph loses (which he might. I’m not a Reed devotee, BTW. I have friends on both campaigns, and I’m with my friends. I just see alot of passionate, hot headed decisions being made without a consideration of the true implications of what we’re facing.), IF Ralph loses, it will be not because he took casino money, it would be because he can’t make eye contact, take off his tie, or take those atrocious $2,000.00 boots off when he gets outside the perimeter. I know of several people who like Ralph, and planned to support him, until he blew them off in a fit of aloofness, and then his opponent proffered the typical Cagle friendly welcome and smile.

News flash, Reed 2006: running for president you AIN’T.

A final word for you rabid Reed attackers: or, for you Cagle haters. We, as Republicans are in the process of cutting our own Achilles as we viciously divide over a primary. “Caglers,” be ready to back Ralph if he wins the primary. “Reeders,” get ready to work for Casey if he comes out on top. My point is this: minus alot of confusing strategic analysis, the conclusion is this: if we continue splitting and hating the way we are right now, we’ll end up losing both the Governor’s Office and the Lt. Governor’s office.

Consider it carefully.


  1. Ted says:

    Trick question! There are at least three tribes in at least two different scandals. The Coushatta Tribe hired Reed and his buddies to shut down a competing casino run by the Tigua Tribe, and then the Tigua Tribe hired them to get it reopened. The Chochtaw Tribe hired Reed and his buddies to fight the HOPE Lottery in Alabama, fearing that lottery tickets would take business away from their casino.

    If you have trouble keeping track of all the Indian names, just pick up a copy of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. They run a front page article about the scandal in every issue.

  2. GJA says:

    The association with Indian tribes is not what defeats him. What defeats him is the lying and the hypocrisy. Republican primary voters will not need to know the names of the Indian tribes when they cast their ballots.

  3. Maverick says:


    Congrats! You passed the test. I congratulate you on being more well informed than most political staffers in this state. I’d offer you a job, but we don’t have the budget, and if I did that, I’d have to tell you my name 😉


  4. albert says:

    Nasty it may get. What ires me at this point is that the Reed camp is blaming the Cagle camp for the bad press. The reality is the media is simply following a story. From my perception, what keeps the story going is Ralph’s evolving story.

    And yeah, I would agree about the boots. But hey, he has to wear them or he would be shorter than the midget on Fantasy Island…. Da Plane Da Plane…

  5. Maverick says:

    I agree with Albert. Reed has to wear the boots, but they don’t have to be a pair of 2k snakeskin. Boots are good, especially in the rural areas of Georgia. I happen to think there’s something classy about a suit and boots. The price tag and style is the issue. Most folks around here (outside of the ATL) don’t spend more than 200.00 or so. That’s the dividing line.

  6. landman says:

    Reed has placed himself in a box,and it is not going to get any easier for him.Not unlike many Washington scandal its the coverup that always gets you,and that will be the case with Ralph.To blame the Cagle camp is indicative of a team that is grasping and leaking oil bad!!!!! If they think its bad now can you imagine what it would be like if he were to make it out of the primary?The Dems are going to be looking for a win anywhere they can find one Im sure Dean would love to spend alot of moolah coming after Ralphie!!! Unfortunately,if this scenario plays out he takes the team down with him including the Gov. and we as Georgia Republicans cant afford to have this happen!!!! I strongly agree that at the end of the day the goal is to have a Republican in the LT’s office and I believe the best chance for that is going to be Cagle.

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