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Smooth, Mr. Reed, quite smooth. Quite the consummate politician, Ralph Reed has now been revealed for what he is: a scheming, brilliant, clever, ambitious strategist and businessman. Case ya’ll forgot, we ARE still in the United States, the center of modern capitalistic civilization. Here, it seems, we have a mirror image of what happened with Bill Gates, who had the intelligence and where-with-all to monopolize the market. Has he done anything illegal? Highly doubtful? Unethical and dishonest? Perhaps. Shrewd? Definitely. In my opinion, gambling is as big a bane on our culture as is pornography, and a strategic effort to shut it down gets my vote.

However, what I believe COULD sink Ralph’s ship is the simple fact that he’s a big time Washington playa’, and if he doesn’t start looking people in the eye, and taking his tie off at barbeques (figuratively speaking), he could very well lose the very grassroots support he’ll be depending on. You’re not the President, Ralph…yet.

I will say this: judging from the electricity in the room at Ralph’s rally Friday night last, the people who WILL work for him are quite energized. I haven’t seen that much energy at a rally since W came to Georgia Tech…

Gary Black sent out, this morning, an email listing his qualifications and endorsements-to-date, including names such as Larry Munsen, Lynn Westermoreland, Charlie Norwood, Nathan Deal, and Ben Hinson. It’s quite the list.

I also heard a renewed rumor that Karen Handel is still eyeing the office of Secretary of State. Something tells me that Bill Stephens might have something to say about her “public record,” in that event. Would Sonny “HOOAH” her across this finish line, too?

(hic) Calling all takers, Douse Histrict, er, House District 137, anyone who can raise enough money to beat Wayne Oliver’s horde of Medicaid funded pharmacists…er, well, we’ll leave it at that. Y’know what’s the most hilarious of the whole deal? Graves, the GPA-playboy, is chair of none other than…House Regulated Industries Committee. What a bust, eh? Word on the street has it that people want Graves out, and they’re willing to work to make it happen. Two potential candidates have been mentioned, their names forthcoming. One of those names is NOT Robert Richert, who’s rumored to have garnered Graves’ support for mayor of a consolidated Macon/Bibb County, if Graves will side with the Dems on that one. Got news for ya, fellas…as long as Cecil Staton, Charlie Bishop, and Alan Freeman are around, I doubt very seriously that will even get legs, just judging from history.

Finally, it seems that one Tony Simon, long time Senate Caucus political-guru-and-all-around-swiss-army-knife, has changed jobs, although, his new digs will probably keep him in the same general vicinity. His new employer? None other than House Speaker Glenn Richardson. What this means remains to be seen, but apparently, Glen sees the need to bolster the “buff” of his political staff. Statewide office, perhaps? We’d been hearing rumors for months that Glen might be interested in the 11th, but perhaps it’s not the 11th at all…


  1. jackson says:

    Are you kidding me? I like this site but your comment that Ralph Reed is smooth is ridiculous. I, too, agree that gambling exremely detrimental to society. But the fact that Ralph Reed took money from gambling interests, directly or indirectly, is only a small reason why so many folks like me are upset. HE LIED ABOUT IT, and yesterday’s news proved it.

    “Unethical and dishonest? Perhaps.” This guy used to be THE VOICE of almost all evangelical christians…what is going to sink his ship has nothing to do with Washington, and everything to do with honesty and integrity.

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