SPLOST A Go in Bibb

This is news.

Bibb County’s new penny sales tax passed easily Tuesday with almost 83 percent of those who voted approving.

The landslide win brought smiles to Bibb County commissioners, who had lobbied for the tax.
“Mandate from the people,” commission Chairman Charles Bishop said as precinct after precinct came in for the tax – most of them by a wide margin.

The penny tax, called a special purpose local option sales tax or SPLOST, passed in all 50 of Bibb County’s precincts. It also won wide approval with last week’s early voters.

I certainly expected it to pass, but not by that margin. This is a resounding success for Chairman Bishop and a defeat for C. Jack Ellis. When Ellis supported last year’s SPLOST it was crushed. This year, Ellis vocally opposed the SPLOST and it passed overwhelmingly.