Budget Troubles In Macon — Again

Here is the latest on the debacle in Macon. Having attended the City Council’s Appropriations Committee last night for a client issue, I can attest to both the seriousness of the Council in getting the budget under control and the ineptness of some in the administration in getting accurate numbers for the City Council.

The Macon City Council has put off a final vote on the city budget, scheduled for tonight, saying that city revenues in the budget are still overstated.

Council members declined to say how far off the budget projections are, but said it’s as bad as last year, when the council determined that the city administration had overstated revenues in 2005 by more than $1 million.

The City Council on Monday postponed tonight’s vote on the fiscal year 2006 spending plan after the Appropriations Committee determined that revenue projections made by the administration have been overstated.