Reed in the Washington Times

Ralph Reed has been covered in the Washington Times. It’s a pretty balanced article and includes a quote from our favorite Dem thinker, former Republican Marshall Whitman.

Marshall Wittmann, who worked with Mr. Reed at the Christian Coalition but who now works for the Democratic Leadership Council, said Mr. Reed wants to be president of the United States.

“Ralph’s going through a process in which he is laundering his resume. He knew he couldn’t go from the Christian Coalition, so he became a political consultant, then Georgia GOP chairman, then coordinator for the Bush campaign. The next logical step is to win a political office. This is what’s available, but it’s clearly a steppingstone to higher office.”

Hat tip to Tim Saler.

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  1. albert says:

    hmmm, interesting. I heard someone this week in Ralph’s presence say the same thing. He just smiled.

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