The Ag Race

To follow up on what Maverick was saying, Scott Rials is the Governor’s campaign consultant. Scott is also consulting for the guy running against Brian Kemp for Ag Commissioner in the GOP primary. When I run races, I generally check with pre-existing clients to make sure there are no outstanding issues with potential new clients. I’d guess Scott did the same.

Several senators have commented to me that they were disappointed the Governor did not push more strongly to keep Kemp where he was. Sure, that district will probably turn “D,” but the “R’s” had a better shot with the incumbent Kemp than with a new guy no one really knows.

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  1. Chris says:

    Kemp is a real stand-up fellow and I’ll be glad when he is the AgComm. He’ll be there to protect our children from the Al-Qaeda cell in your local Kroger.

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