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To voice the true picture of Georgia’s current political landscape is quite the impossible task at this point. To lay the groundwork for much future discussion, and many satirical comments.

First, I repeat Erick’s question of how much of Casey Cagle’s traction is true traction, as opposed to being notoriety in the wake of an “anti Ralph-Reed” campaign. Invariably, his name ID increases every time Ralph’s name is repeated, as his will follow quickly on the heels of any accusation against the character of our former chairman. If the accusations do NOT hold water, will the media fervor have died off too soon for any of the voters to remember exactly what the accusations were when they get to the voting booth?

Further, it’s readily apparent that nothing Ralph has done is illegal, though it is highly questionable at best, definitely unethical at worst. How is this going to affect the support, or lack thereof, of the faithbased community?

My final, and most confrontational question: regardless of how the media spins it, how many of the average voters will actually understand the “ins and outs” of the Reed/Abramoff scandal, but will rather vote on their “gut” feeling that something dubious was going on, and Reed can’t be trusted?

Would a Taylor/Reed matchup cause a McKinney genre switch in the faithbased/conservative community?

Will the arrogance of Joel MclHannon be the undoing of the Cagle campaign? Admittedly, his success in the last election cycle is quite admirable, but does it make him invincible?

If The Big Guy sees a challenge too great for his comfort level, will he step back and decide to run for re-election, instead of Gov? Few people stop to consider the fact that he has not yet announced his official campaign for governor…on the contrary, his coffers are quite comfortably lined for a run for re-election.

Can Sonny really handle a challenge from a primary-unscathed Cathy Cox if the Big Guy does what was previously mentioned? Is his romper room of political staff truly equipped for a challenge of that magnitute? Word has it on the street that more than one member of his team sits in the sights of not a few other political operatives in the state of Georgia, who, like true hired guns with no vision, would sooner forget the importance of maintaining posession of 391 West Paces Ferry in favor of a personal vendetta of jealousy…

Has our illustrious Governor succeeded in alienating the grassroots support that so strongly elected him several years ago, or has the aloofness of he and his staff truly not had an affect on people that would ordinarily generously offer the proverbial finger to a public figure who has forgotten them in that manner? Is this why, although he truly has no small disdain for Ralph Reed, marginally supports him, out of a desperate need for the grassroots organization that may or may not be borne out of the Reed campaign. The rally at the Cobb galleria with Sean Hannity this weekend will tell a large part of this story…

$64,000 question: does Baldy Khan really posess the strategic and analytical intelligence to capitalize upon and orchestrate something like this? This remains to be seen. Conventional wisdom would say yes, past experience would say no…


  1. Erick says:

    “Arrogance” is a strong word for Joel, who did have one hell of a track record in the last two cycles. Just ask Ross Tolleson.

  2. Maverick says:

    I don’t think “McElhannon’s” track record is in question. On the contrary, his record in the last two cycles has been quite stellar, and to be admired. The question remains though: does this make one invinvible? Past practice, again, says no…

    The same situation seems to have happened with the Governor’s young campaign manager, who seems to have acquired his share of enemies in the last two years.

    The question then becomes: does notoriety make one an asset, or a liability?

  3. Dignan says:

    I’ve asked various people this question and haven’t heard an answer yet. What reason has Purdue given for the rank and file to get excited about him? I’ve seen more spending and more regulation under Perdue, which seems anathema to Republicans. What is the point of being in power if that power isn’t used properly?

  4. Icarus says:

    The first comments on PeachPundit.

    Now, we have some answers to some of “Maverick”‘s questions, such as:

    “Will the arrogance of Joel MclHannon be the undoing of the Cagle campaign? ”

    No, he’s saving that for the Whitehead campaign.

  5. drjay says:

    he took a job teaching at the top gun school after the big fight where he saves iceman’s butt, and i think he and charlie get back together

  6. Jace Walden says:


    I’m glad you asked. Maverick was one of the original front-page contributors to this site. He wrote under the name “Maverick” to hide his true identity as a candidate for public office. Upon winning his election, “Maverick” discovered a vast conspiracy involving all levels of government and people of power to keep elected officials from being sworn in. Just before we went to break this information to the Public, he died of a mysterious “heart attack”.

    Maverick had no history of heart problems.

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