CJ Pearson Says He Is No Longer A Conservative

Thirteen year-old CJ Pearson, who gained more than 100,000 Facebook fans for his homemade videos criticizing President Obama, told CNN that he is no longer a conservative, saying he was concerned about the GOP’s positions on racial issues.

“I was tired of being a champion of a party that turned a blind eye to racial discrimination. Tired of being a champion of any cause that denies equal rights to every American. Tired of being a champion of a party that doesn’t care about the issues important to young people,” Pearson wrote in an email.

“Over the past few days, I thought about essentially how I don’t want people to follow me because I’m that anti-Obama kid, or who called out Hillary Clinton or who took Bernie Sanders to task,” Pearson said. “I don’t want to be the conservative wonder kid that people follow because I make them feel good and like young people are part of their movement. I want to be followed because I’m the voice of a generation that doesn’t have a voice at the table.”

One of the reasons Pearson cited for leaving the conservative movement is that he felt his fans would not appreciate his speaking out on racial issues, including the alleged shooting of Laquan McDonald by Chicago police, according to the CNN story.

Pearson’s celebrity has had its ups and downs. In July, he got into a Twitter argument that may have been contrived. In September, he claimed he had been blocked on Twitter by President Obama, a claim that was quickly discredited, and for which he later issued an apology.

Until early November, Pearson had been chairman of “Teens for Ted” Cruz.

Earlier this week, Pearson announced he was running for the chairmanship of the Georgia Teen Republicans.

Happy Birthday Jon Richards

Today’s Black Friday special is a happy birthday wish to Jon Richards.

Jon is our Front Page Editor, with loosely defined duties including keeping content on the site fresh, managing the interns when we have them, and somewhere in there we may have made him the unofficial photographer.  He’s the contributor you’ve most likely met, as he attends damn near every political function within a reasonable traveling distance from his home in Gwinnett.  Somewhere in there between events he finds time to not only write them up but to wonk out with an extended analysis.

Jon is one of the folks I’ve had the privilege to meet through Peach Pundit, and he’s become a trusted and reliable friend.  Y’all take a break from shopping or consuming mass quantities of leftovers and wish him a Happy Birthday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Peach Pundit!

May your stuffing be tasty, may your turkey be plump. May your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump. May your yams be delicious and your pies take the prize, and may your Thanksgiving dinner stay off of your thighs.

Apparently Stacey Evans Isn’t Alone In Sending PSAs

Friend and GOP stalwart Justin Tomczak forwarded me an email from State Representative Pat Gardner (D-Atlanta) also encouraging her constituents to take preventative measures against identity theft.  Interestingly enough, the email is almost, an exact copy of Stacey Evans’ email that she sent out earlier this week.  The only exception is that Rep. Gardner’s email ends with “Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!” instead of another paragraph like Rep. Evans.

Either the honorable ladies have the same consultant who used a cookie cutter approach in order to seize the opportunity created by the Secretary of State’s mistake, or perhaps there is another person looking forward to the 2018 election.

Thanksgiving Can Be Fun Again

Like most folks of a certain age, Thanksgiving conjures happy memories of snoring, comatose adults on couches while the kid’s touch football game unfolds outside. After all, it’s not fun until somebody bleeds, right?

These days our betters want to commandeer our Thanksgiving mealtime conversations to topics they believe are more important. As if the day wasn’t already filled with loony relatives and burned casseroles.

Our buddy Ace comes to the rescue with the ultimate guide on how deal with the crazies. Read and enjoy. And comment on which strategy works for you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Harris County Sheriff Puts Up a Politically Incorrect Sign

In Harris County, Sheriff Mike Jolley has caused a stir by posting a controversial sign in front of the sheriff department’s headquarters. Below a standard welcome to the county sign, he adds a second one, which says,

WARNING: Harris County is politically incorrect. We say: Merry Christmas, God Bless America and In God We Trust. We salute our troops and our flag. If this offends you… LEAVE!

The six term sheriff paid $553 out of his own pocket for the sign. The sign has become the talk of social media, with comments such as these:


What do you think about the sign? Take our poll:

Chatham County Sheriff Al St Lawrence Has Died

Chatham County Sheriff Al St Lawrence lost his battle with cancer Tuesday night, as reported by the Savannah Morning News:

St Lawrence was elected sheriff in 1992. He had said this would be his last term.

The sheriff’s office released a statement around 8:30 a.m. today expressing its “profound sadness that the family and this Office announce the passing of our beloved Sheriff, Al St Lawrence to cancer on November 24, 2015.”

St Lawrence, a five-year veteran of the United States Air Force, was stationed at Hunter Army Airfield and decided to make Savannah his home. He began a career in law enforcement in 1959 with the Chatham County Police Department. In 1971, he was appoint chief, a position he held for 21 years unit his retirement in April 1992 to pursue the office of sheriff, according to the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office.

During his career in law enforcement, St Lawrence was appointed twice to the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (1985 and 1989). St Lawrence is the only law enforcement officer in the State of Georgia to be named both Georgia Chiefs of Police Association Outstanding Chief of the Year (1990) and twice named Georgia Sheriffs Association Sheriff of the Year (1995 and 2015).

Congressman Buddy Carter said the following this morning regarding St Lawrence:

“Al was a model public servant, having served the people of Chatham County with distinction for 56 years and serving his country in the Air Force before that. His 23 years as Sheriff transformed the Department into a modern crime fighting force. Through it all he maintained a servant’s heart, giving back to our community and to those across our state through the Georgia Sheriff’s Youth Homes which he supported vigorously. Amy and I send our thoughts and prayers to Pat and the entire St Lawrence family as well as the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department as we all mourn this loss.”

We extend condolences and prayers to the family and friends of Sheriff St Lawrence, as well as the law enforcement community of Chatham County.

Pre-Thanksgiving MRs

Who else is already in line for Black Friday??!?!

“Muscle’n Flo” by Menomena.

After you watch GSU beat the University of Old Mississippi tonight, stay tuned to watch the Erislandy Lara bout.

  1. Washington Post: Former GSU coach Lefty Driesell “absolutely belongs in Hall of Fame.”
  2. BBC: Our own Clarkston is the “most diverse square mile” in the U.S. 
  3. The Bern and Killer Mike walk into Busy Bee Cafe…
  4. Marketplace looks at the fight in Atlanta betwixt Uber and cabs. TL;DR–cabbies whine “but we were here first!” 
  5. Atlanta has three of the country’s worst bottlenecks. Shocking, I know. 
  6. The latest, pie-in-the-sky expansion plan for MARTA. (All this could be yours for the new, low-low price of $8 billion!)
  7. Did you know there is a website to track Atlanta’s bond package? 
  8. Gang numbers in Atlanta spike. And they’re found in the safe, bland utopia of OTP. 
  9. Savannah’s the Grey wins (another) national award; Atlanta’s award winners aren’t too shabby. 

Is Georgia Withholding State Aid from those that need it most?

The Georgia Department of Community Health is responsible for administering the Georgia Pediatric Program (GaPP) that is supposed to assist medically fragile children in this state in getting their healthcare needs met.

According to parents of those children it isn’t doing so. Judges who have heard their Americans with Disabilities Act complaints agree, and the Commissioner of the Department wants it all to go away. Or so it seems, he won’t answer the questions of Matt Pearl of 11Alive who broke the story.

11Alive requested an interview with commissioner Clyde Reese. The department refused.

We then requested an interview with anyone who could speak about the program. The department refused; its communications director, despite having received little background on the story, sent the following statement [unresponsive statement probably cut and pasted from a pamphlet removed].

We, in return, sent specific questions in writing, like “Why reduce nursing care for children whose conditions have not changed?”

The department refused to comment further.

The kids’ stories are heart-rending and failing to provide the legally required assistance (mostly nursing care) is an unlawful attempt to shift the burden onto the parents. I’m assuming everything in the legal decisions and parents.

(embedded video after the jump, autoplay)

Read more

Senator Perdue Talks About Potential Solutions for America’s Debt Crisis

Senator David Perdue talked about the relationship between national security and the national debt at the Atlanta Press Club.
Senator David Perdue talked about the relationship between national security and the national debt at the Atlanta Press Club.
Georgia Senator David Perdue addressed many of the same concerns he voiced in last week’s Senate speech during a Monday morning appearance at the Atlanta Press Club. Saying that the country was in a full blown crisis, Senator Perdue maintained that Washington was focused on the wrong priorities, partially because of a desire in Congress to demonstrate activity instead of results, and partially because the self interest of many in Congress takes precedence over the national interest. After almost a year as the Peach State’s junior Senator, Perdue remains optimistic that it is possible for the House and Senate to do the right thing in a non-partisan way.

Repeating the theme of his Senate floor speech, Perdue railed against the $18 trillion national debt and almost $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities the country will need to address at some point. Finding a solution will require a combination of changes in process, along with changes in policy in five areas: changing the way federal dollars are allocated and spent, growing the economy, finding a fix to Social Security and Medicare entitlements, cutting the cost of health care, and cutting other spending. Read more

Stacey Evans Wants You To Protect Your Personal Information (And Maybe Keep Her In Mind)

State Representative Stacey Evans (D-Symrna) sent out a newsletter to her constituents encouraging them to contact the three credit bureaus to set up an initial fraud alert.  This PSA comes in the wake of the Secretary of State’s office accidental release of personal information on voter database extracts.  Also in her PSA, she makes the note that now isn’t the time to play politics with the matter:

While I believe Secretary Kemp should be held responsible, now is not the time for politics. Right now, we need to make sure that the personal information of voters his office failed to keep safe has not been used in a nefarious manner.

Today isn’t the time to play politics with this accidental release, but it will be a target on the 2018 campaign trail.  It might be reading too much in to the email, but it makes you wonder if Rep. Evans is looking at a run for Secretary of State on the Democratic ticket in 2018.

Morning Reads – Tuesday, November 24

It’s Thanksgiving Eve Eve! Do you know what you’re cooking? Here are some ideas:

  • Cornbread dressing: Scott Peacock’s version is the one that comes closest to my Mississippi grandmother’s recipe. Don’t hold back with the turkey stock, and for the love of all things holy, don’t make it with Jiffy cornbread mix.
  • Oyster dressing: Because double the dressing, double the fun! I prefer the version with French bread, because that’s what my Louisiana grandmother made.
  • Talkin’ turkey: Those crazy Yankees at America’s Test Kitchen will never, ever steer you wrong. (Except maybe now that Chris Kimball has left the building, Anonymous will pull off some kind of catastrophic Thanksgiving Day hack and we’ll all be left flailing in puddles of savory turkey brine.)
  • Even the military likes NPR’s Susan Stamberg’s mother-in-law’s cranberry relish.
  • Rely on Miss Manners when your drunk uncle (Drunkle!) starts talking about Trump.

Now, as Thomas Jefferson so sagely said, can we get back to politics? (Please? – James Madison)

Today in Hamilton, we visit the Schuyler sisters, Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy. Listen closely so it will make sense when your three cousins start arguing about which one of them is the Peggy. Work!

GSU Offers Two Proposals for Turner Field Redevelopment

Should Turner Field become a football stadium or mixed-use development?

That will be the question if Georgia State University purchases the site.

11Alive reports that GSU’s RFP that was submitted to the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority has two plans for a football stadium. 

One option would be to convert the 20-year old Turner Field building into the framework for a mixed-use development, with housing and retail. That option would include construction of a new football stadium, and a new baseball stadium, north of Turner Field.

Another option pitched by GSU was one originally revealed to 11Alive News in April 2014 — which would retrofit Turner Field into a college football stadium, and construct a baseball stadium on the old Atlanta Fulton County Stadium site.

Both options submitted Friday by GSU include the new baseball stadium. The variable now is the location of the football stadium GSU wants, which would extend the university’s campus across I-20.

RFPs were due Friday and an unknown number were submitted.

A decision on which proposal is selected could in “the coming months.”

Kasich SuperPAC Goes After Donald Trump in a New Video

The SuperPAC that has been supporting the candidacy of John Kasich is turning its sights on GOP presidential poll leader Donald Trump. New Day for America has purchased commercial time in Ohio and New Hampshire for a video called “Trump’s Greatest Hits.” Trump will make an appearance in Columbus tonight, and Kasich is governor of Ohio, From a press release:

As usual, I’m sure tonight will be really entertaining, but as Mr. Trump prepares for his latest nonsensical rant, Brussels is on lockdown, Paris remains under a state of emergency and cities across America are implementing measures to prevent a terrorist attack on U.S. soil,” said Connie Wehrkamp, New Day For America spokesperson. “The times are far too serious to entrust America’s ‘entertainer in chief’ with the grave responsibilities that come with the title of commander in chief. We can’t trust Donald Trump and New Day For America is committed to reminding voters of that between now and the primaries.”

The video is below.